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10 Ideas to make Mothering Sunday special

Why not try some unique ways in which to make Mothering Sunday special? Remember that ‘unique’ does not automatically have to mean complicated or expensive. Sometimes less is more and particularly when it comes to expense as there is nothing more that a mother cherishes than something that their offspring has invested time and effort into making.

The domestic housecleaning experts at MOLLY MAID believe that it’s important for children to recognise Mothering Sunday as a way to show their appreciation and thanks to their mothers for all the effort they make on a daily basis. With religious origins when servants and workers were given time off on the fourth Sunday of lent to return to their ‘mother’ church, Mothering Sunday evolved into an event when families would be reunited and on the way from church, children would pick wild flowers for their mothers as a gift.

So, this year, try to approach Mothering Sunday slightly different by taking a step back and bringing it back to its grassroots by doing some of the following to make Mothering Sunday special always remembering that it’s all about spending quality time together.

  • Make breakfast in bed with handpicked flower such as a daffodil
  • Make a hand-crafted card. Try hand pressing some spring flowers onto a card.
  • Make a heart wreath either out of wire decorated with flowers, beads, loving quotes or ribbons. This can then be treasured over time and hung in a special place.
  • Write a heartfelt poem, hand decorated and popped into a frame.
  • Create a photo album or book filled with happy memories of times spent together.
  • Make cheerful and useful items out of felt, such as bookmarks, smart phone pouches or a hand decorated note book.
  • Handmade key rings using fabric, buttons, pompoms and other items are well received as they are a daily reminder of their love.
  • Bake a cake inscribed with a special message.
  • Plant some pansies in a teacup and saucer.
  • Create a glass jar containing a few of Mother’s beauty favourites, such as bubble bath, lipstick, nail varnish, moisturiser, essential oils, candles.

Enjoy this time together and cherish making Mothering Sunday special for all mothers – young and old.