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Pet hair removal

Have you come across endless amount of cat or dog hair whilst getting underway with spring cleaning? Spring is the time of year where pets begin to shed their winter coats making it difficult for us to keep on top of it.  MOLLY MAID, domestic cleaning professionals, recommend the following ways to remove pet hair from your upholstery, furniture and floors.


A pair of dampened rubber gloves are your miracle worker here on upholstered furniture. Run your hand over the surface to attract cat or dog hair. As soon as it’s covered with hair, rinse off the glove and repeat until you are satisfied with the results. If you prefer not to wear rubber gloves, then a damp wet sponge could work as a handy alternative.

To remove pet hair from wooden furniture, use a soft cloth and furniture polish or anti-static furniture spray. The spray will eliminate the electric charge, making dusting easier and lessening the chances smearing the hair in to another place.


When dealing with carpets, there are plenty of good vacuuming cleaners on the market and some even have specific cat and dog settings, or heads, to deal with pet hair. When vacuuming your carpet, go over areas twice and alternate directions to loosen any stubborn hairs. However, if you are struggling with your carpets, another trick is to try gently scraping a pumice stone along the surface. The pet hair should collect in no time at all. Depending on the surface area in questions, this approach may be too time consuming, but it is an effective alternative if all else fails.

On hardwood, laminate or other bare floors it is advisable to use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop initially as vacuum cleaners have a tendency of blowing pet hair all over the place.


Although this may seem rather obvious, it is more than practical to keep a lint roller beside your front or back door, for a quick hair removal session before you leave the house.

For larger quantities of hair, place your clothes in your dryer with a dryer sheet for about 10 minutes. Please be careful about the temperature you switch the dryer on at as some clothes will not tolerate even the lowest of heats. The pet hair should collect in the lint trays for easy removal.  try throwing your clothes in the dryer, along with a dryer sheet for 10 minutes.


At this time of year, it is advisable to groom your pet regularly ensuring that you do so outside of the house! Brushing at least twice a week will dramatically cut down on the amount of fur tumbleweeds rolling through your living room!

Good luck with banishing pet hair from your home – or at least, keeping on top of it!