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Spring cleaning your appliances

It is all too easy to ignore the work horses of our daily lives such as the washing machine and dishwasher when setting about our spring cleaning effort. After all, they have put in the hours over Christmas and now deserve some attention ready for the BBQ season. To keep them in optimum condition, it is important to give them a thorough clean according to the domestic house cleaning professionals, MOLLY MAID. Here’s some simple ways of how to do that.

Washing Machine

  • Remove the drawer and give it a good wash removing any clogged up soap, wash and wipe with the drawer with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar to remove any bacteria or unpleasant smells.
  • Clean the rubber bands that run around the drum thoroughly with a damp microfibre cloth as this is where fluff, mould and other miscellaneous items seem to collect. Then, as above, wipe with white vinegar.
  • By setting a hot water cycle wash and adding a cup of white vinegar to the drum, you will disinfect the drum and the machine as well as removing any unwanted smells.
  • Often forgotten about, the filter also needs cleaning to remove excess hair, coins and anything that may have been left in pockets. You need to be armed with a shallow bowl, tea towels and clothes to mop up any water which may spill. Then give everything a good wipe and replace.


  • Using a damp cloth, wipe along the door and edges of the machine where the water doesn’t get to on a normal cycle. Then, once clean, repeat again but with a microfibre cloth dipped in white vinegar to remove all bacteria.
  • Take the time to remove any debris that may have collected in the drain, which is often located in the middle of the bottom of the machine. Then wipe with a damp cloth.
  • It is equally important to clean the spinning arms of dishwasher as debris may be clogging some of the water holes. Using a wooden toothpick if the size of holes allow, remove the debris and rinse with water ensuring there is a free flow.
  • The rinse aid and detergent compartment needs attention too, so remember to give this area a good wipe.

Special note: Hard water can be catastrophic for some appliances or showers. It can lead to a build-up of deposits on the heating element and thereby reduce the overall cleaning efficiency. A top tip for removing hard water deposits is to pop a cup of distilled white vinegar or lemon juice on the top shelf and run a normal cycle. Then ensure that your washing machine is kept topped up with dishwasher salt. Your spring cleaning of appliances will pay dividends!