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Displaying books creatively

With Spring cleaning just around the corner, it is time to think about bringing some order to your home. No doubt, Christmas was a time when the family raided the bookcase getting out albums, recipe books, board games and so on and you are now left with neat little piles of books to re-house.

Before putting them all back neatly in height order, why not try some new ideas to display your books around your home?  The house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have a few recommendations on how displaying your books differently could give your room a bit of a face lift.

Adding a splash of colour

  • If you’re intent on making a statement and giving your room a fresh feel, why not choose three different colours that you feel would work well together and as part of the room.
  • Buy plain or lightly designed (spots, check or paisley) wrapping paper to match your chosen colours.
  • Now wrap a selection of books in one of the wrapping papers, then do the same with another batch and so on. Then arrange the books on your shelves in blocks of colour and you will see that it instantly lifts the room.

Creating a floating bookshelf from a book!

Are you bored of seeing shelves and brackets on your walls and want a more creative and streamlined way of hanging shelves? Then this could be the ideal choice for you. Books tend to add personality, warmth and charm to a room and therefore an ideal tool to use as a shelf!

Here’s how:

  • 2 metal wall braces (l-shaped with three holes). Don’t worry you won’t see them! Do measure how long the width of your largest book that you will use as you don’t want it sticking out.
  • Then set about measuring, drilling and inserting raw plus and screws. Be careful with plaster walls as these can crumble easily and make allowances for the weight of the books or content of the shelf.
  • Attach small neodymium magnets to tape inside the back of the bottom book (not the dust over) which will use the magnetism to hold the book shut to the bottom of the bracket.

Ladder bookcase

A wooden ladder either in its raw distressed state, or beautifully painted can look perfect in old and new abodes! This country-inspired way to display and organise books is to take an old wooden ladder (decorate it if you feel the need), turn it sideways and hang it on the wall. The sides of the ladder become shelves, while the rungs of the ladder become interesting space dividers. A simple, but different way to display books.

Vintage suitcase

Imagine staying in a guest room that has a vintage suitcase, lined with vintage paper sitting open inviting you to pick up out a book? If hanging a shelf is tricky and you wish to give a room some added charm, display some of your books in an open vintage suitcase.

So, we hope MOLLY MAID have inspired you to start thinking about the different ways in which you can display your books creatively in your home – some without the need for a drill!