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Ideas for summer holiday planning

It may seem like a crazy idea when the mornings are still dark and temperatures are still teetering on the freeze mark, but now is the time to sit down as a family and work out your plans for your summer holiday. By not leaving it until the last minute, you will be able to be more organised and plan around work and family commitments more easily, as well as, helping you to budget for your holiday. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to be able to achieve some savings too. MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaners, suggest a few ways to get you started.


Decide firstly what sort of budget you have available for the overall cost of the holiday. If you can at this stage, do include expenses for meals, trips, activities during the holiday and as many other incidentals as possible. Then, start to budget for it by putting away funds every month. Why not try to encourage other family members to put away some of their money for their holiday too.


As with anything in life, prior planning and preparation is key to a happy and fulfilling life. Now that you have your budget sorted, it’s important to know when you are all free as a family to take the desired time off. Then, if you’re working for a company, request your annual leave and make sure your colleagues know that you are intending to be off on your summer holiday. If you don’t have children of school age, it’s often recommended that you try and escape on your holiday prior to the school children breaking up as this helps with cost and potential availability of flights for example.

Abroad, Great Britain or a staycation

Your budget may be the predominant factor when determining where you will be spending your holidays. However, why not ask the family or children what their idea of a fun summer holiday would be. They may surprise or in fact inspire you.  Just remember that even when you have a minimal budget and have decided that you are going to have a staycation, there are still ways in which you can make your summer holiday fun.


Depending on your budget, it is time to decide whether self-catering or hotel accommodation will suit you better. Do you wish to have privacy or to have the facilities that a hotel or a resort can offer such as childcare facilities and leisure activities for instance. Then, it’s time to have fun and seek out the possibilities open to you. You may find that availability during the school holidays is challenging, but don’t give up. If you are up against a tight budget and still wish to go abroad, why not consider going camping. Campsites abroad have improved significantly over the years and you can find some attractive spots.


It’s a good idea to decide on how you will travel to your chosen destination as a family before booking your accommodation. Do check out whether there is availability on the plane, ferry or channel tunnel as you’d hate not to be able to reach it!

So, get to it and start your summer holiday planning and enjoy it. Half the fun is working out all the possibilities open to you.