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Inspiring St. Valentines’ Day ideas

Roses are red, violets are blue…. Instead of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts or gestures why not try a different approach, which may be appreciated just as much, if not more! It is all too easy these days to get sucked into the commercial angle of St. Valentine’s Day, so MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaning company, has come up with a few different ways to surprise your loved one irrespective of whether you are looking for something for a male or a female.

Hiking: If you both enjoy the great outdoors and going for a walk, why not organise a long walk or a hike somewhere where you haven’t been before with a planned stop for lunch at a country pub or inn? Imagine being surrounded by the beautiful countryside, just the two of you, with time to talk, take in the solitude of the location and then being welcomed by a cosy fire and hearty food good for the soul. The cobwebs will certainly be blown away!

Wine tasting: If you both enjoy the finer things in life and find yourselves interested in different wines and grape varieties, why not book a wine tasting day or evening? These can often be accompanied by food and run by a whole range of companies from hotels and restaurants to accredited wine societies and can be a really memorable learning experience to do together.

Cookery day: In the same way that a wine tasting day can be a memorable experience, so can a shared cookery course or day spent learning about new recipes and cooking techniques. These can be tailored to suit your ability or intensity. Some hotels will run these courses for couples so that the food can be enjoyed in combination with an overnight stay, whilst others can be more intensive. Cookery courses can vary from chocolate making days to fine dining or country specific, such as Vietnamese for instance, so have a think about what would suit you best? Imagine cooking up a storm together and then being able to repeat the menu on a special anniversary?

Comedy show: It has been widely documented that laughing and smiling can help your overall well-being. Neurotransmitters called endorphins are released when you smile and are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face, which is interpreted by your brain, which in turn releases these chemicals. When we are happy we feel relaxed at very much at ease, so why not treat you and your partner to an evening of fun and laughter as a fun experience to look back on and some quality time together.

Snow: If you prefer something a little more sporty or activity based, why not consider taking your loved one to your closest snow dome or dry ski slope for something a little different which gets the adrenaline running. After having some fun in the snow together, there is nothing more romantic than going for a hot drink or a meal together in a cosy atmosphere where you can share your experiences and laugh about the day!

Most of all, it is about sharing precious un-interrupted time together and enjoying one another’s’ company.