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Germ prevention for electronics

Commonly touched and shared electronics, such as touch screens, remote controls and the keyboards of shared computers, need frequent cleaning and disinfection to help prevent the spread of germs.

We all know that mobile phones, computers, remote controls, anything with a touchpad and generally speaking, electronics are at our fingertips and in it as this point that our fingers are landing sites for a wide variety of germs and bacteria. Some of these may not be harmful to us, but others can spread germs which lead to colds, the flu and stomach bugs or worse.

MOLLY MAID, the domestic cleaning professionals, have some tips on how to sanitise and ensure that we clean our electronic devices safely. Shared electronics around the family can be the biggest culprits and harbourer of germs and it is important to make sure that we disinfect these at regular intervals.

There are plenty of top tips to help with the prevention of germs, but the single most important way to minimise the spread of germs is:

  • Frequent handwashing: Encourage the family to wash their hands regularly, especially after coming home from public places such as school, supermarkets and public transport. This way we can try and contain the germs from outside of the family home. It goes without saying that handwashing should be taking place before meal times also.
  • Avoid food: Avoid eating while using electronics as food oils and crumbs transferred to keyboards and electronic surfaces create a hospitable environment for germs. Some germs can thrive on the crumbs on keyboards, remote controls and what about remote controls in places outside the home, such as hotel rooms.
  • Disinfect weekly: A good rule of thumb is to clean and disinfect electronics once a week or more often in the case of large families or if anyone in the family has suffered from a cold or illness.

The best ways to disinfect electronic devices depends on the device itself. Below are some suggestions on how best to clean the electronics in the home.

Touchpads/ mobiles: Disconnect the device, remove any protective covers and using surgical spirit on a dry cloth, gently wipe down keypad or touchpad.

Keyboards: Remove all protective covers, remove all traces of food by gently turning the keyboard upside down and using a dry cloth or a handheld vacuum (on a low setting) remove the crumbs. Then wipe down the individual keys with a disinfectant wipe which is damp, rather than wet and then gently dry with a microfibre cloth.

Remote controls/ Telephones: Apply a small amount of surgical spirit on a dry cloth such as a microfibre cloth and then wipe down the remote control or the telephone. It is surprising how many germs can be found on these devices!

Do take 5 minutes once a week to help to protect the family and prevent unnecessary germs from taking a foothold in the home.