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Throw a last-minute drinks party

Did deciding to throw a last-minute drinks party seem like a good idea at the time? Do you find yourself running out of time to prepare for it? Have no fear, there are some simple last-minute party ideas and tips from the housecleaning experts at MOLLY MAID which will help you be ready to entertain your guests. 

Invitations – With email, evites and Facebook so widely used, it is becoming more acceptable to send out invitations online. This can be particularly effective when throwing a last-minute party as it can help to get the word out quickly and the likelihood of receiving RSVPs promptly is high.

Tidy – When throwing a last-minute party, you are not going to have time to clean your entire home. So, decide which rooms you will be hosting your guests in and concentrate on them and shut the doors on the rest. The kitchen, dining area, living room, hallway and the bathroom will probably be the most used rooms during a party, so it is important to give your kitchen and bathroom a good clean. Remember to leave plenty of toilet roll out and perhaps consider putting a festive plant or smelly candle in the bathroom for cheer. For the other rooms, find a basket and fill it with your cleaning supplies so you can quickly go from room to room. Carry a box or laundry hamper with you to pick up all those things that are not in their correct home. When you finish cleaning, you can then quickly put all these items back in their place or simply find a temporary home for them in a cupboard until after the party! 

Decorations – As your home will already be decorated for Christmas, don’t waste valuable time and money on buying more decoration for a party. Some fresh flowers, candles (we recommend you put them in hurricane lanterns to avoid any potential wax spillages and white Christmas lights can do wonders for dressing up an area indoors or out.

Bar – As this is what the party is revolving around, it is important to have a well stocked bar! Create a bar in the kitchen or hallway where people can circulate and help themselves later in the evening if they wish. Make sure you have a variety of soft and alcoholic beverages available, but remember it doesn’t have to be complicated: Wine, beer, juices, fizzy water. Why not start the evening with giving everyone a glass of punch as they arrive? Punch can be a good option for Christmas, as it is so closely associated with festive season, and can serve many people easily. You don’t want to be standing around mixing individual old-fashioned drinks for 10 people! 

Food – Since the emphasis on the party is a ‘drinks’ party, your guests will not expect more than a few canapes and nibbles. Crisps, nuts, dips and a few warm canapes such as tartlets, sausage rolls and satay chicken are all relatively hassle free to prepare and some can be bought ready-made.

Music – This is essential to get the party atmosphere going. The Christmas season has so many different types of music to choose from carols, to classic Christmas songs to music from classic Christmas movies. Try to create a playlist before the party and this way all you need to do is press ‘play’.

Enjoy the spontaneity of throwing a last-minute drinks party!