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Decorating your home for Christmas

If you haven’t started decorating your home for Christmas, now is the perfect time to do so, particularly if you are going to be using fresh foliage such as holly, ivy, pine branches and mistletoe. Choose a day when the family have nothing planned and ask them to keep it free. Then, turn on some festive music, pour a glass of mulled wine for the adults, treat the children to a special non-alcoholic drink and bring out your decorations and set to it. If you feel that you’re needing some inspiration for the extra festive cheer your home MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning professions, have some easy tips to help you decorate your home for Christmas.

Pick a colour scheme

Whether this is done room by room, or your whole house, sticking to one theme will help to create impact. If you are more, it’s a good idea to stick with one colour – white, red, silver or gold or combine traditional colours such as like red and gold, silver and white, gold and black for instance.

Use feature displays

If you can’t decorate each room, why not add displays, such as a nativity scene in areas of your home that are used frequently. A nativity display on the fireplace, a garland up the stairs or s snow scene in the hallway all help to decorate your home and to create that Christmas magic. Nowadays, it’s easy to find Christmas scenes to buy in the shops, such as the Victorian style light up home, a lit-up nativity scene, but if you wish to create your own all you need is a bit of fake snow, a couple of Christmas animals and a basket with some festive branches!

Door wreath

If you haven’t got a wreath, consider going to your local garden centre and buying a very simple one. You can then add your own personal decorations, such as a bow (using hot glue), baubles or even festive robins or pine cones for example. Do remember that the decorations you add to your wreath either need to be under shelter, or waterproof to ensure the elements won’t damage them.

Candy Cane Vase

An easy way to decorate a window ledge is to put an old vase or flower pot that may be reaching the end of its life span to good use. Buy a pack of candy canes, which are now readily available in shops in the UK and glue them to the vase or flower pot. Tie a pretty red ribbon around them and fill with poinsettias or a Christmas rose.

Felt Mistletoe

Felt, a fabric pencil, pearl embellishments, red ribbon and a hot glue gun are all you need for this festive creation! Cut out your felt mistletoe using a template which can be sourced from the internet and then arrange pearls how you like. Tie with ribbon and hang. This is a perfect one for children!

Turn scatter cushions into presents

Tie a bow around your scatter cushions on your sofa with festive coloured ribbons, and they’ll look just like Christmas presents – the children may be disappointed to discover that they are not real Christmas presents! Add a rhinestone pin for an extra decorating kick.

Festive Pine Cones

Dip pinecones in gold paint (either partially or all of the way) or use a mixture of water, glue, and glitter for a sparkling effect. Place on side tables or use to fill baskets and bowls.

Have fun decorating your home this Christmas and remember to take some photos for next year!