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Top Tips for Choosing a Christmas tree!

Having a decorated tree in the house is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas time. There’s often a family tradition around going to get a real tree and then decorating it, and what would Christmas morning be without one?

However, you may be undecided about what sort of Christmas tree to choose for you and your family. Should you go for a real tree, if so, what variety or are you better off sticking with an artificial one? MOLLY MAID has some top tips for you to help you in your quest.

In recent years, as artificial trees have become more realistic looking they have become more and more popular. There are merits for both artificial and real Christmas trees. Have a look at the below to help you decide.

Artificial Tree


  • There’s no time spent or energy wasted in choosing a tree every year.
  • They tend to be relatively easy to put up and don’t have to be dragged through doors shedding a multitude of needles along the way.
  • There is no constant watering of the tree or picking up of needles if it is placed near heat or should it get knocked or if the pets decide to have a little play with it.
  • Dismantling the tree is easy and free of needles.
  • No hassle of having to dispose of the tree which can be easily boxed and stored for the next year.


  • An artificial Christmas tree can look almost too perfect in shape to have the ‘real’ look.
  • There is no fresh pine scent that is commonly associated with a real tree.
  • It requires storage space in the loft or garage.
  • No lasting family memories of choosing the Christmas tree together.

Real Christmas Tree


  • Going to choose a Christmas tree is a family tradition.
  • A real tree has a fresh scent associated with Christmas.
  • Every real tree has a different and unique shape and size
  • There are many different varieties of trees to choose from including:
    • Blue Spruce: This tree has a strong blue tinge to its needles which makes a very desirable Christmas Tree.
    • Nordman Fir: Originally from south Russia, this tree has become increasingly popular as a Christmas tree, particularly in Denmark.
    • Norway Spruce: The traditional Christmas tree found in many of our homes during December. Pointed mid-green needles standing on tiny pegs. Long cylindrical brown cones which hang down.

For more help and information on how to care for your Christmas Tree, whether it is in a pot, or cut, please visit the British Christmas Tree Growers Association:


  • Make sure you have adequate transport to get it home.
  • Putting up a real tree can be an effort by the time you have dragged it off the car, through the hall, measured it and secured it.
  • A real tree needs constant watering, especially if it is in a hot room or near a fire.
  • The tree will continually shed its needles every time it is knocked and therefore you’ll have to clear up the needles.
  • Real trees do have a lifespan indoors, so they can only be left up for a limited time.
  • Disposal of the Christmas tree may involve a trip to the tip.

Good luck and we hope these top tips for choosing a Christmas tree have helped you in making the right decision for you!