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Prepare a Christmas cleaning schedule

Christmas is just around the corner and that means guests will be popping over from time to time! It’s a good idea to prepare for the Christmas season a couple weeks in advance by cleaning and tidying the different areas of your home.

The professional domestic cleaning experts, MOLLY MAID, recommend dividing up the tasks into different areas of the house in order to make it more manageable and less of an onerous cleaning task over the Christmas period.

Rooms to prepare in advance:

Guest Bedroom – Change sheets, ensure there are a few spare toiletries and towels laid out for your guests. Make a space in a wardrobe, or in a set of drawers, that your guests can use. If they are planning to stay for a few days, your guests don’t want to be living from a suitcase. Make sure you check the wardrobes first, as these can be ideal breeding grounds for mould.  Give the room a good dust and hoover and open windows if it hasn’t been used for a while. The day before arrival, air the room again, place a bottle of water with some glasses, buy a plant or some flowers to add cheer and a quick last minute dust. If the guests are new to the area leave some literature on the local area for them to read and consider having a spare key made for them, so they can come and go should they wish to.

Dining Room – Although this is a public area, there are a number of Christmas cleaning tasks that can be completed in advance, such as dusting on surfaces including light fittings, ornaments and if needed silver cutlery in preparation for Christmas dining.

Living Room – As this is a high traffic area, it is important over Christmas to keep it looking clean. Prior to the big day, it’s important to get your carpets clean before your children, and particularly babies, sit on the floor opening and playing with their presents. If you have rugs, give them a good shake outside and hoover them on both sides. You will be amazed to see how much dust comes out. Then, simply keep on top of the hoovering – this is a task that other members of the family can also help out with.

Kitchen – If you’re hosting a big family Christmas dinner this year, the kitchen really will be the heart of your home. Although a kitchen is about cooking, it’s also important to be preparing and storing food safely. Whilst the worktops, floors and surfaces will all need to be cleaned regularly and in some cases every day over the Christmas period depending on how many you are hosting, there are some tasks that can be completed in advance.

Clean your fridge – Remove any out-of-date and empty out any dodgy looking jars of chutney, jams and so on. After all, you will need all the space you can get!

Clean your oven – It’s a good idea to do this so that it’s all ready to cook that turkey. Not only do your guests prefer to see a clean environment in which their food was cooked, but a clean oven can also make your food taste as it should rather than being tainted by lingering smells. Do follow the directions on the instructions when cleaning ovens as they do tend to vary and make sure that the oven is cool before you start to clean it.

Utility – This will probably become one of the main hubs of your home this Christmas and will see much activity. So in advance and in preparation, reach to the bottom of your laundry basket. Stock up on laundry products and other detergents that will be needed for the washing machine, dishwasher and so on.

Bathroom – This in one area of the home, along with the kitchen, that needs to be as hygienic as possible and the trick is to keep on top of it during the festive season. Not only will your bathroom be used more as you entertain family and friends, but maintaining a clean bathroom area is vital to prevent the spread of germs, which always seem to be prevalent during the winter.

If the above Christmas cleaning tasks are sending you into a spin, why don’t you think about booking in with MOLLY MAID for a professional clean leaving your home crystal clean.