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Creating a homemade advent calendar

Creating a homemade advent calendar can be one of the most rewarding and appreciated gestures you can do for your family and children. Let’s be honest, it’s never too late to start a new tradition in the family – you never know, it may be passed down from generation to generation! The best thing about them is that you can choose exactly what to allocate for each day thereby personalising for the whole family.

Did you know that the origin of the advent calendar started in Germany in the 19th century? Different methods of counting down the days to the celebration of Christmas were used, such as drawing a chalk line to mark off the days, later lighting a candle every night or putting up small religious pictures marked each day until Christmas.

MOLLY MAID, the expert in professional domestic cleaning, has collated a few ideas of easy-to-make homemade advent calendars some of which are flat, others offer a little more flexibility and allow you put in a little gift or edible treat in them. The beauty is every day marks a personal touch for your family members So, go ahead and why not try some of the below:

24 Matchbox’s

This starts as a miniature chest of 24 drawers and it rather more time consuming that some of the other ideas, but the effort says so much! As its drawers are removed and reversed, a picture is revealed, such as a Christmas tree, snowman or other festive image.

  • Remove matches from 24 matchboxes; glue boxes in three stacks of eight. Glue stacks together to make the chest, then cut a strip of paper to wrap around the sides of the chest; glue it in place. With acrylic paint or pen, number the front of each drawer. Turn the chest around; paint a tree or other design on the back.
  • Remove drawers and glue a ribbon tab on the underside of each drawer on the numbered end. From cardboard pages, cut a square backing for the chest to keep drawers in place and hide the image; attach it at the edges with glue. Fill drawers with small treats and notes, and slip them back into the chest.

Mason Jar

  • Fill a Mason jar with 24 little wrapped parcels (flat) with clues as to where the gift has been hidden in the house.

Baby sock Garland

  • Assemble 24 festive coloured stray baby socks and clip each individual one with a clothes peg to a piece of long festive ribbon and fill.

DIY Envelope/ Pin board

  • Attach 24 coloured envelopes onto a large piece of cardboard in shape of a tree or triangle and fill with light presents. Alternatively, these could be affixed to a pin board.

Twig Garland

  • Attach 24 hanging parcels wrapped in different wrapping paper from a large twig to make a garland.

Cardboard Cones

  • Create 24 colourful cones from rolling simple cardboard paper circles into cones and labelling with a number. Mix it up a little with smaller and bigger cones displayed on a windowsill for example.

Muffin or Cupcake Tin

  • Find a 24 muffin tin and if you wish to hang in, attach a festive ribbon with strong glue to the tin. Then fill each muffin tin with a present and cover up the individual tins with a piece of coloured cardboard with a number stuck over the top.

Good luck making your home-made advent calendar and see the smiles on your children’s faces as they discover what you have created for them.