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Organise your winter wardrobe

Brrr winter is on its way and with the clocks going back this week-end, it’s time  to store away your summer clothing and to dig out your woolly jumpers. Instead of just piling clothes on top of each other in a random wardrobe, wouldn’t it be nice to have a well organised wardrobe to open next Spring?

MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaning experts, recommend a few ways in which to organise your winter wardrobe and store away your summer clothes.

 Summer Clothing

  • Wash/ dry clean: It is essential that you store away clean clothes as mites and other insects will be attracted to them over time. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find them ready to wear when you next dig them out.
  • Organise: Start by creating three piles under the headings of ‘Keep’ ‘Maybe’ and ‘Charity Shop’. Then, as you are working your way through your clothes piling them into clothes of similar types (ie T-shirts, shorts, bikinis and dresses) be ruthless about whether they need giving away. Ask yourself why you didn’t wear them this summer for example? Have they lost their shape or are they too tight or simply looking tired?
  • Best storage equipment: Use a fabric bag to protect your clothes from dust and moist. If you have storage vacuum bags do make sure you’re your clothes are folded to avoid creases. Alternatively, heavy plastic bins with sealable lids can protect clothes.
  • Scent: To avoid clothes from smelling a little fusty, try popping a dryer sheet in with ever box.
  • Hanging clothes: It is important to invest in proper hangers, such as wooden ones as they are the best ones to take the weight of heaving coast and cardigans to help keep their shape. If you feel you need to cover these, use fabric hanging bags instead of plastic ones.
  • Avoid plastic bags: This could lead to problems with moisture.
  • Shoe Boxes: Invest in a box with a lid to house your summer shoes – everything from flip flops to your toeless wedges.
  • Label: As with most organisational tips, remember that labelling boxes clearly will save you a huge amounts of time in Spring!
  • Clean: This is the time when your wardrobe and drawers are empty, to give them a clean and ensuring that all debris and dust is removed.
  • Design Improvements: If you were struggling with space or really would crave some more space, why not consider installing another shelf above your hanging clothes if you have the space, or drilling some hooks into the back of the cupboard doors to hang scarves, belts or handbags from?


 Winter Clothing

  • Blast of fresh air: Dig out your winter clothing and give items such as shoes, boots and hand bags a good dose of fresh air.
  • Unpack & organise: Unpack your winter woollies and organise them into piles of jumpers, cardigans, long sleeve tops and PJs. This way you will know what pile to look in.
  • Hanging clothes: Hang your clothes in order of type – such as shirts in one section, skirts in another and dress in another.
  • Folded clothes: Folding clothes such as long sleeve tops tend to take up less room this way that using up premium hanging space.
  • Shoe Boxes: Use clear stackable (shoe) drawers (available from most DIY shops, to help keep the bottom of your wardrobe tidy and organised.


MOLLY MAID always recommends keeping on top of the tidiness of your wardrobe and clothes generally as this will make you feel more organised as you start each day!

Good Luck!