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Indoor half term activities

With the unpredictable weather and cooler temperatures, it can sometimes be a struggle to entertain the children during half term, particularly if you are staying at home. Have you ever thought that you may be able to use half term as a means to get ahead for Christmas, which is just around the corner? MOLLY MAID, the expert domestic house cleaners, has some great ideas to keep the children busy with some indoor half term activities whilst also getting ahead for Christmas.

Christmas cards: Ask your children to sit down and decide how they might like to design the family Christmas card. Although it is traditional to receive a Christmas card in the post, which is often crafted, it has become more and more common place to receive an e-card. As a half way house, why not ask the children to create a collage on the computer using family photos and traditional Christmas images as a template. This will keep them entertained as it is an activity for the younger and the older ones to enjoy. At the same time, it will help you to get ahead with having a design which you can either choose to email out, or to have printed.

Christmas crackers: Every Christmas table looks that bit more festive with a colourful cracker next to every place setting. There always seems to be a compromise between choosing the right crackers in the shops: do you go for the really festive looking ones or do you choose the ones with the more appropriate content for the family and any house guests? Instead, ask your children to make a selection of ‘personalised’ crackers for each member of the family. They will know exactly what each person likes and it will mean so much more to have them made for each person. Set a budget for each cracker and ask them to think about every element from design, decoration and contents for each person. For more ideas on where to start visit:

Christmas candles: Making candles at home isn’t as difficult as it sounds and it can be incredibly rewarding knowing that you have created a wonderfully festive item that can be personalised for a particular person or given as a gift. Children who enjoy being creative and working with their hands, will love this relatively simple activity. Not only can they choose between was colours, scents and decoration, but also festive shapes too. You can use anything from a beautifully vintage tea cup and saucer found in a charity shop to an empty yoghurt container and essential oils! For a straight forward guide to start you on your way, visit:

So, without further ado, get crafting with some of the above ideas and you’ll find your children becoming more creative, inspired and enjoying getting ready for Christmas. If Christmas feels too far away, you could always persuade them to focus on Halloween when it comes to making candles. There will be all sorts of moulds on the market to celebrate traditional Halloween shapes such as pumpkins, cats and witches for example.

Have fun and feel good for being organised well in advance of the festive season and allowing your children’s creative juices to flow this half term come rain or shine!