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Autumn garden MUSTS

With wetter days and cooler weather, MOLLY MAID, the professional cleaning experts recommend you give your garden some attention after the summer and replenish it with nutrients it needs to prepare it for winter.

  • Trim

Get wielding those clippers and trim back summer growth, including cutting back flowering perennials, to keep the garden tidy

  • Ditch debris

Remove old plant matter including leaves from the garden and put it into the compost bin remembering to dig up annuals and pop them in the compost bin. Remove yellowing or dead leaves or flowers before rot develops and remove any weeds hidden under the plant foliage.

  • Start composting

Winter gives cuttings and leaves a chance to break down and produce nutrient-rich compost, which will be ready for boosting the garden in the New Year. It is the perfect time to turn your compost heap. It will heat up nicely and then gently rot over winter.

  • Plant for Spring

Fancy a flourish of colour next Spring? Then, plant spring bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, and new perennials now when the soil is still warm but moisture levels are increasing. There is still time for plants to establish themselves before the real cold sets in.

  • Lawn TLC

Now that the weather is slightly colder and wetter, start to mow your lawn less. It is important to scarify your lawyn by raking out dead grass and moss that has set hold over the Summer. Once this has been done, it is necessary to Follow apply an high-potassium autumn lawn feed, which will release the correct balance of nutrients throughout the winter, resulting in a fabulous lush lawn in Spring.

  • Cover up the furniture

We all know how damaging rain and damp can be to furniture and other items left outside. If you can, move your garden furniture indoors, but, if you can’t cover try to cover them with a tough thick tarpaulin sheet securely fixed whilst allowing plenty of air to circulate so that the furniture is not damp all winter.

  • Protect your pond

It is a good idea to cover your pond with a net to stop falling leaves polluting the water. If it contains fish, ensure that they can continue to breathe by preventing the water from freezing. Ensure the pond is at least 8ft deep because fish tend to live in the deepest levels during the winter months.

  • Outside Tap

Turn off water to the outside tap from the inside source and bring in the garden hose to save unnecessary wear and tear from the elements over the Winter.