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Moving home checklist (Part one)

Whilst families tend to put off moving house over the summer holidays, Autumn and, particularly September, typically sees a rise in families moving home in time to settle in before Christmas.

The professional domestic cleaning company, MOLLY MAID offer some practical tips from packaging up delicate items to getting your telephone connected in this two part blog.

About a month before moving date, it is a good idea to make a checklist of all the logistical aspects that need to be dealt with prior to moving.

Landlord: If you are in a rental property, it is essential to give your landlord as much notice of moving as possible. The standard is between 1 or 2 months but this will be listed clearly in your contract.

Schools: It is important to inform your child’s school when you intend to be leaving, and advise the new school when you intend your children to start. Be mindful that your ‘chosen’ school may be over subscribed so it is worthwhile looking into this well in advance and to plan to move and the least disruptive time during their academic calendar.

Utilities: Remember to let companies know of your new change of address. There is a fantastic website called which has a free online service that makes it simple to change all your address details in one go. allows you to stop services at your old address and start them at the new one.

Council Tax: Notify the relevant authorities in both your current area and the new area that you are moving in order to make final payments.

Register to Vote: When you move house, make sure you don’t lose your right to vote. Unless you inform the local council that you’re moving, you may not be able to vote in future elections.

Land/Mobile phones: This is really critical to do as quickly as possible as you may find yourself without a telephone number or internet connection for a short time. Contact providers such as BT or your internet provider, who normally require a month’s notice, to advise them of your change of address and the date that you wish your new number to operate from. Do ensure that your mobile is still working during this time, so that you have a way to contact your solicitor and estate agent on moving day in case of any problems.

Doctor, Dentist & Opticians:  If you are moving out of the local area you will have to de-register with them and register with new ones in your new area – if you are receiving treatment with a hospital as an out-patient, it is vital to register with a new hospital.

Car: Have your car/cars serviced, particularly if you are moving a long distance away as you won’t find the time to do so in the first few weeks in your new home.

DVLA: If you have changed address, you must tell the DVLA to update both your Driving Licence and your Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Inland Revenue: You must notify your local tax office of any change of address and will need to quote your reference number which can be found on your pay slip/P60/code notification.

Bank/ Store cards: Notify your bank/banks of your change of address and maybe consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home. You can change most of your personal details for store cards on their websites.

Insurance & Pensions Policies: Remember to contact your broker or the individual companies for your life, motor, medical, pet and contents insurance. When contacting your house contents insurers, check with them to see what cover you have regarding moving house and in your new home. The insurance company will require you to provide details on window locks, age of the house or flat, materials the property was built from and details of your front door security.

Parking: If you have any parking restrictions at either your present or your new address, you will need to contact the local authorities to arrange for a suspension of the parking restrictions outside your property on your moving day. If in doubt about the size of vehicle your removal company is sending, contact them and they will let you know how much space they require.

Start Organising: If you are doing the packing yourself start as soon as you can, and certainly no later than two weeks to go. Do not wait until your exchange (if you are buying) as the exchange and completion can often take place in the same week! Start with clearing out the dreaded attic or garage and then move onto sorting your summer or winter clothes and then move onto books, each time taking items to the charity shop or consider selling them on e-bay.  Remember to give these areas a good clean and sweep out when you have finished.

For part two of Moving Home checklist, visit our blog on Friday which will cover aspects including packing and what to do on moving out/ moving in day.