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Spring clean the garden shed

Autumn is much like spring time in a home – it is a time for a clear-out and a clean after a busy work out and summer outdoors. The professional house cleaning experts suggest a few ways to help you to start this task. It may seem rather onerous to begin with, but it is immensely satisfying once you’ve finished spring cleaning your shed.

Dry weather

  • The first rule of thumb is that you need a dry week-end. There is absolutely no point in attempting this in the rain – tools left outside will be prone to rust and you will start to bring moisture back into the shed.

Remove all contents

  • Removing everything in your shed and lay it out in an orderly fashion on the lawn or driveway. This way you can see exactly what you have and what tools has seen better days and need ditching!
  • Then, while you are at this stage and casting things to the ‘tool heaven’ pile, start a list of which tools you will need to replace for the following spring. By doing this task now, you can allocate them a home in your mind when organising your shed!


  • Make the most of the dry weather and take the time to wipe down the walls and surfaces to remove dirt and any cobwebs. Sweep the floor and wipe down the windows with warm soapy water. This will help to allow in light and keep your shed a little bit warmer.


  • One aspect that the professional house cleaning experts love is organisation and tidiness. Any space can be instantly transformed through a little organisation!
  • Now that you have your tools and contents of your shed laid out, check that everything is working as it should – remember to disconnect all electrical items in the shed after use.
  • Ask yourself whether there is anything that could go to a good home if you have not used it in the last few years. Try to recycle or even e-bay items if they are in good enough condition.
  • For smaller garden tools, carry out the necessary maintenance such as wiping them down, oiling them and generally caring for them to get the best performance out of them the next time you use them.
  • Now, organise your tools into sections or spaces. Everything should have a home and be accessible.
  • Wall mounted tools are a good way of keeping the floors clear, and it’s also easier to see where everything is. Make sure you leave plenty of room to move about freely.
  • Invest in some shelving units and keep tools, pots, and seeds in clear plastic boxes which are marked with contents.

Maintenance and Prettify

  • If you’d like to ‘prettify’ your garden shed, consider a lick of paint.
  • Felt roofing can deteriorate over time, so replace any damaged material with new to keep all your tools safe and dry. This can be all it takes to bring your whole garden together, and transform your shed from storage into a useful and attractive workspace.

Love your shed!

Garden sheds can often be neglected spaces and can sometimes be treated like a big storage cupboard rather than the useful spaces they actually are. Daily life is hectic and finding the time to do a spring clean in your shed can be onerous, but it doesn’t need to be a particularly time consuming activity. Do remember though that the longer it’s been left in disrepair, the more you’ll have to do.

Like any cleaning task, keeping on top of the job will make your life much easier in the long term!