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Blitz the bathroom

Bathrooms, although cleaned regularly, do require some extra attention from time to time to keep them looking orderly. After all, we desire our bathrooms to be a sanctuary of calm and tranquillity.

  • So once a month, MOLLY MAID recommends that you use the dishwasher to wash soap dishes, sponges and toothbrush. It’s amazing how quickly grime can build up in these hard to reach areas and it will help to remove limescale and give everything a fresh clean look.
  • Also to prevent mould or mildew building up in your bathroom, seriously consider protecting white grouting from being tainted with mildew by running a white candle was along it – you’ll be astonished at how well this works. It’s an excellent sealant.
  • Rid the shower head of limescale! Although it only takes enough white vinegar in a plastic bag so that it submerges the shower head to dissolve dirt and calcium build-up, it is astonishing how long people take to get around to this. Tie the bag in place and leave overnight to soak for maximum results. You will see a noticeable difference in water pressure!
  • We all know a toilet bowel needs to be sanitised and properly cleaned. So, allow the toilet cleaner to work overnight while you sleep and then brush and flush when you get up. This way you can be assured of a properly disinfected loo! Also remember that a sealed toilet brush holder is perfect for keeping germs contained!
  • Steamed up mirrors in the morning can often be the bain of men’s lives before heading out to work. To try to prevent this, try coating a mirror with shaving foam and then wiping it clean with a mircrofibre cloth. This will prevent the mirror from fogging up as quickly. This should be repeated monthly.
  • To give your bathroom a real blitz, keep a core collection of bathroom centric cleaning products in a sink or container under the sink. This way you can give the tiles a scrub after your shower or easily wipe down the basin in all of two minutes.
  • Instead of hanging cotton wool pads on the back of the door, find a pretty glass jar to sore them in and even store a first aid kit this way. Not only does it keep them tidy and water tight, but it stores them neatly.
  • Baskets: Baskets and cutlery trays are brilliant for lining bathroom drawers. Use them to keep essentials sorted and easily accessible. You could always give these areas a bit of a tidy by dividing medical necessities by theme – such as for headaches, cold and flu, cuts and scrapes and so on. Transparent containers are excellent for storing cotton buds, eye-liner pencils, brushes and so on.
  • Extra shelving (such as above the bathroom door) helps to provide additional storage place for extra towels.
  • Decant bath oil or bubble bath into pretty jars as this will instantly give your bathroom a more sophisticated and elegant feel. Let’s face it, plastic containers are a little bit of an eyesore in comparison with simple transparent or glass filled jars.
  • Candles are essential for ‘mood’ lighting as well as giving off the all important essential oils needed for relaxation. Do make space to place these around the bathroom and store away superfluous lotions and potions into a bathroom cabinet. The less clutter the better when it comes to doing a bathroom blitz!