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Awesome outdoor activities for children

Struggling with keeping the children busy outdoors when it’s hot and avoid the mess indoors? MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaning expert suggest that you try some of the below ideas from water-based activities to simple painting projects to keep your young ones entertained and cool during the warmer days.

Water Balloon Paint Party

Filling water balloons with water is let’s face it, a little dull after a while. Why not add that extra fun factor by filling them with paint using water colours. It’s a great idea to wear white T-shirts, so you can measure who is the most covered in paint at the end and remember to take photos.

Water Rounders/ Cricket

Instead of using the usual balls to bat, why not replace them with water balloons to cool everyone down – the squeals of excitement will be heard for miles.

Duck Racing

Make you own homemade duck races using some empty gutters and set up two next to each other to create a race. Then use squirt guns to race them along.

Make a waterfall

Grab a foam pool wobble (one that has a hollow centre) and prick some holes in in it. Then run a hose through it to create a waterfall. You will need to attach the wobble to something high such as a tree.

Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt guns plus paint – what child wouldn’t love this? Finally an activity that involves these two staples of childhood. All you need is an easel, watercolour paper, liquid water colours to pour into the squirt guns and off you go.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

If you ask your children “Who wants to paint a tree?” you may receive perplexed and quizzical looks, but what fun and how outrageous a thought! This is unique idea for combining sensory play, messy art and nature to produce the most awesome experience for an outdoor activity. It couldn’t be easier – simply wrap a tree trunk with bubble wrap, grab some water-soluble paint and use something like a plastic children’s table as a giant paint pallet and let them loose with their hands to create their works of art.

Create a Rock Pool

Find a large plastic bowl or container, ask your children to gather up items they would like to see in a pond or rock pool such as, stones, plants, toys for fish to swim through and if you’re really creative, you could find a few items from a local river bank or bed.

Allow your children to have a brilliant time outdoors with some awesome outdoor activities.