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Making the most of a staycation

Have you decided to spend your holidays this summer at home or in the UK for a variety of reasons? A true staycation is more than just a week at home, it is an intentional time of fun and relaxation for your whole family.  Although it may take some organisation to do it correctly, it can ultimately be just as satisfying as going somewhere far away. MOLLY MAID have suggested some great ideas for a staycation, but there are a few things to consider first.

The vital piece of advice from the house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID is that you must establish some ground rules for the whole family to abide by so that you give each other your full and undivided attention. Perhaps allocate only an hour where these may be allowed to be realistic. Try limiting time spent on:

  • Smart phone
  • Email
  • No computer or video games
  • No television
  • No working from home
  • No worrying
  • No fighting
  • Family time only—no independent activities
  • Limited cooking to be done by all
  • No cleaning
  • Limited laundry to be done by all

Now that you are armed with some rules for the family, why not consider some of the following ideas for your staycation? One thing is for certain, you won’t have to worry about limiting your packing to 20kg or so as you’ll most likely be travelling by car and can even take the family pet if you like!

  • Glamping: Does the idea of sleeping in a tipi, a shepherd’s hut or a converted shed appeal? This is an ideal option if you’re not overly keen on camping! Try visiting
  • Camping in the garden: You can make this enjoyable for a few nights and the children will love it. Opt for a material tent if the weather is dry or even a tipi and then you won’t have to contend with a hot sweaty tent in your garden! The best bit is that you will have a fridge and facilities to hand, but will have to do everything else outside like cook, roast marshmallows and play games by the camp fire.
  • A trip to the beach: There are plenty of unspoilt beaches in the UK from Scotland and Wales and along the coastline of the UK. Why not try to combine a few days of glamping near the beach? It always feels like more of a holiday if you have access to a beach and water to splash around in. If you can’t stay overnight, plan a day trip, but make sure you set off early and have everything organised and packed the night before.
  • Mountains and lakes: We are lucky to have a variety of lakes and mountains, or big hills, to enjoy in the UK. There is nothing more satisfying than climbing a mountain with your family and looking back on your achievement. Finish this off with a brisk swim in a nearby lake!!
  • Fishing: Children love spending uninterrupted time with their parents, but if they have no activity to combine it with, boredom can quickly set in. If you have never been fishing before, try arranging a day by the river with a pic-nic and think of Wind in the Willows! It is supposed to be a peaceful activity, so enjoy the quiet for a change! Try for more information.
  • Cycling: There are a number of cycle paths and tracks that can be explored by families. If you have a particularly active family and your children need to expend some energy, it’s a good idea to plan a day out cycling. Take a map, plenty of fluids and snacks and plan a lunch stop on the way to break up the journey. If a whole day out seems unrealistic, a number of wooded areas cater for mountain bike enthusiasts with specific trails graded by difficulty level. Check out: for some ideas.

Happy staycationing!