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Top 5 ideas to upcycle wooden crates

Have you accumulated a few too many wooden vegetable crates, general purpose or wine crates, but think they are too good to be ditched? Why not try upcycling them and giving them a new purpose and add some vintage character to your home. MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning experts, recommend these top 5 ideas for upcycling your wooden crates.

  1. Easy Shelving

Wooden vegetable or apple crates from markets can easily be attached to a wall and used as shelves in a bedroom or larder for that vintage or rustic feel. Drill two holes in the wall at the desired level and do check they are straight with a spirit level. Put in raw plugs and screws and hang the crates on the gaps between the slats. For a more decorated style, try painting the crates in chalk paint to suit the design of the room. Et voila.

  1. Crate Side Table

A wooden crate can be easily transformed into a bedside table by giving it a new lease of life.  This is an ideal solution for a holiday home or a guest bedroom and is so straight-forward. Simply sand down the crate, avoiding sanding over any ‘characterful’ branding, turn it on its end so that it gains in height and make sure that it stands without wobbling. If it does, make sure you have a smooth surface on the bottom and sand down accordingly. Again, painting is always and option and can create a more finished look.

  1. Garden Planters

Upcycling a wooden crate and let it flourish in its surroundings by planting some colourful flowers in it, or indeed use it as a herb crate, by simply lining the crate with jute hanging basket liner, which will allow the soil to drain, but will give the crate more substance.  For more of an impact on your terrace or patio, it is always a good idea to create a couple of these planters, rather than just one or two.

  1. Trendy Desk

Simply stack and secure a few crates to your desired height (2 for example at each end) and place your writing surface on top. The more industrial or rustic the look, the better. It’s a good idea to screw the crates together on each side to give more stability and if possible, attach the writing top to the boxes underneath with a couple of longer screws. What could be more satisfying than working from an upcycling wooden crate?

  1. Vintage Boot Tidy

Fed up of tripping over shoes, wellies, trainers or boots? Irrespective of whether you live in the town or country, having areas to store away potentially untidy and mucky items, can transform the feel of your home giving it a sense of calmness and space. Why not stack a few wooden crates in an irregular pattern against a flat wall and create a design of uneven, yet interesting shapes? If you’ve decided to use painted crates, now is the time to paint them before screwing them to each other and finally attaching them to the wall with screws. For the more adventurous, you may want to attach small hooks to hang dog leads or very light shopping bags to.

Go on, give upcycling a go and discover how satisfying it can be!