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How to transform the garden shed

Is your garden shed looking a little tired and is it time to give it a little tlc in the form of painting, waterproofing and so on? If so, there is no better time to give your garden shed a new lease of life by transforming it into something you would find more useful and appealing than just a garden shed! Let’s face it, unless you’re a really avid gardener, you can probably find enough space within your existing garden shed to neatly store a couple of the essential garden tools, soil, bulbs, weed killer and so on without needing the whole space.

The domestic house cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID, suggest that you might want to start with the below ways to instantly wave your magic wand to transform your tired garden shed.

1) Find a home for items

Storage – this is so vital when tidying a shed as your aim should be to get as much off the floor as possible. This means you may have to build shelves and put up hooks on the walls to hang up tools for example. Old cupboards and chests of drawers are ideal for storage, and they can double up as a work bench and potting station too.

2) A lick of paint

The key to transforming a garden shed is to improve the outside look of it whilst at the same time treating it against the adverse weather. Water is wood’s number one enemy. Wood swells as it absorbs water and shrinks as it dries out, warping and weakening the structure of your shed.

Preparation – Ensure the wood is dry and use a fungicidal wash to remove algae. If the wood has previously been painted, strip it back with a sanding machine to expose the pores.

Paint – Make sure your paint or stain contains a wood preservative or apply a separate pre-treatment. Wood stain can come in a multitude of colours so the choice really is yours.

For something a little different or more colourful you could try and exterior wood paint as they come in a huge array of colours. If you want something a little more colourful, try exterior wood paint.

Why not paint the eaves and window frames in a different shade? Or choose two colours and paint alternate panels for a beach hut theme for example.

A paintbrush or roller will do the job, but you can also pick up a pump sprayer fairly cheaply to give you an even coverage in no time.

3) Decorate

You could even build on the beach hut theme by painting your outdoor furniture and plants pots in similar seaside tones or paint a picture of a bird or a flower on the side of your garden shed. Make it your own with decorative touches. Attach a trellis panel to one side and grow a climber up the wall.

Adding a pergola to the front on it, creates depth and sophistication to your garden shed and gives a natural space to place two chairs on the front ‘deck’. Add a couple of planters or pots outside the door filled with lavender or other scented plants, so they release their fragrance when you brush past. Now, put some bunting up and hang a couple of tea lights from hooks on the front of the pergola.

Soft furnishings, such as curtains in the windows, can instantly transform the space from a garden shed to a gorgeous summer house and why not throw down a simple rug to add to the ‘look and feel’. Next, you will find yourself a cooler box in which to place your cool drinks!

 3) Locked up!

The last thing you want when you have invested so much time into creating such a special place for you and the family, is for it to be ruined by having things disappear! Make sure you keep everything secure and locked up by investing in a good quality lock.

This can also be a fulfilling family project, so why not involve them too?