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Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day!

If you didn’t already realise, today is National No Dirty Dishes Day and therefore every opportunity should be taken to fully celebrate this day! Leaving a pile of dirty dishes to wash-up and deal with tomorrow is not the point of this day; it is more a good chance to get the family together and go out for a meal or even order a take-away that you can enjoy with disposable plates. The dishwasher obviously helps with No Dirty Dishes Day, however MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaners, suggest that it is a day for parents to enjoy not working in the kitchen! Some other easy ways to celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day include:

  • Restaurant/ pub: Treat yourselves and go out to eat and let someone else do the dishes. After all, you’ve managed to get half way through the week!
  • BBQ: An informal night at home with loved ones is a good idea as long as you use disposable plates, cutlery and glasses, or if you can’t bring yourself to do that, make sure that you encourage the whole family to stack the dishwasher and to clear up.
  • Takeaway: This is an excellent alternative to eating in your own home if the weather isn’t playing ball and if members of the family want different food! Much in the same way that it is only an acceptable alternative to No Dirty Dishes Day as long as disposable crockery or a washing machine is used!
  • Picnic: If you haven’t enjoyed your first picnic of the summer yet and the weather is pleasant, now is your chance to go to the park, or even sit in the comfort of your garden with a blanket, some sandwiches, quiche, strawberries, baguette and cheese. Watch the children amuse themselves with a ball, a rounders set or even a pack of cards. Don’t forget the paper plates and napkins that can go straight in the bin when you’re finished.
  • Cinema: If you’re not too hungry anyway and are happy to feast on snacks or street food such as a hot-dog, why not take the opportunity to go out to the cinema – after all, it is mid-week and not too long until the week-end?
  • Celebrate street food: If there is no real need for you to rush home and if you have the inclination and flexibility after work and are near a city, find a well-known area of town that offers a variety of different and delicious street food. This way you are celebrating both the No Dirty Dishes Day, but also broadening your horizons with tasty street food often from different cultures.

Go on…we challenge you to celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day!