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Interior design in a flash!

Fancy a change or seeing something new to liven the house up and to make you smile now the sun has finally emerged? The professional domestic cleaning company, MOLLY MAID, has some easy ideas on how to transform your interior design in a flash!

Decorate the stairs

If you have stairs in your home, think about highlighting them as a feature or even simply as something to decorate. You could simply hang quotes or sayings on wooden plaques or symbols to vintage bunting or fairly lighting for that instant touch of interior design. However, don’t forget the area between each stair tread (the stair risers) as they are often overlooked and if uncarpeted, can provide a space where you can play with colour and add a personalised touch with a stencil, a quote or an image.

Organise your books

If you have many books in your home, try organising them by colour and create a pattern in they are on a shelf or in a bookcase – either in blocks of colour or in stripes. It also is a good time to have a bit of a clear out and make space for new books.

Flowers and plants

It is surprising how uplifting and holistic flowers and plants can be. If you like bright colours, treat yourself to a bright bunch of tulips for example. Not only are they good value, but they also brighten up any mantel piece, a windowsill or a bedside table. For a more lasting touch, invest in a couple of striking plants which require limited maintenance, but ones that have an immediate impact, such as orchids or yuccas.

Remove clutter

No matter how beautiful a design scheme is, it can instantly be killed off by unnecessary ‘stuff’ and clutter. Try to resist muddling up shelves and surfaces with knick-knacks, in favour of grouping a few well-chosen pieces that tell a ‘story’ (from a holiday or trip somewhere) and group family photos together for a wall display rather than scattering around the room.

Window dressing

A room can be instantly transformed by hanging a new pair of curtains, blinds or shutters. Think about the sort of look you wish to create and then measure up to give your windows a bit of an ‘uplift’. Nowadays, there is plenty of choice in ready-made blinds and curtains. There is a saying that ‘a window is to a view what a frame is to a painting.’

Photo collage

Ask the family to be involved in choosing a few special photos to be mounted into a collage, whether on canvas through a photography shop or on-line, or as a big mounted picture frame, or several smaller ones to create a gallery wall. By choosing memorable and fun photos, you will create a happy and unique touch to your wall.

Mix it up!

Re-arranging your furniture can instantly change the perspective of the room and give it a fresh, new feeling. Take it one step further by replacing some of the scatter cushions with new ones featuring bright colours for the summer and consider buying a new rug to match the cushions.

Replace the cat/dog bed

Tired of seeing the same rather worn and tatty dog or cat bed in the corner that in your opinion drags down the room? Why not try a slightly different tack by creating a dog or cat bed out of a vintage suitcase (removing any chewable pieces first!) filled with a comfortable pet mattress or bedding. This way it becomes a feature piece as well as being functional.

Instant colour

For some instant cheer, try mixing up some lemons and limes into a glass vase or tall glass jar to give instant colour and bring the summer indoors. A mixture of oranges, lemons and limes also work well together.

Feature Wall

These have been all the rage for a few years now, but instead of using wall paper or paint to create a feature wall, try creating a feature wall of pretty felt flowers or butterflies or anything material that you can thread a sewing needle through onto a jewellery cord – large colourful buttons also work well for a more modern feel. You can then hang rows of these decorated jewellery wires or cords using clear thumbtacks.

Good luck with your new and quick interior design projects that will definitely reinvigorate a room and bring it back to life.