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Go Green this Earth Day!

Now in its 46th year, today is Earth Day where we collectively and actively remind ourselves of the importance of paying attention to our natural Earth and how we behave in it to preserve it for the next generations to come.

The professional domestic cleaners at MOLLY MAID have put together some simple ways in which you can Go Green this Earth Day and make the difference. Some of the suggestions are so simple that you may find them easy to implement throughout the whole year.


  • Instead of ditching something in the bin without checking if it can be recycled, check to see if it can go in the green bin.
  • Say ‘no’ to plastic bags and use recycled bags for life instead.


  • Go green this Earth Day by switching all electric appliances off completely rather than leaving them on standby.
  • Need to replace that blown light bulb? Why not go green by replacing it with with an energy saving one to cut down your energy consumption.
  • If you need to do a load of washing which is only lightly soiled, make sure it’s on a 30 degree cycle instead of 40 degree one. By making this very small, but important change, uses 40% less electricity a year.


  • Go green this Earth Day by encouraging your family not to leave the tap running while brushing their teeth.
  • Fix that dripping tap if you have one, as it is surprising how much water this will save. According to ‘Waterwise’, mending a dripping tap could save you £18 a year and save 5,500 litres of water per year!
  • Install a water-but to catch rain water to water the garden.
  • Take your own water bottle with you, rather than buying a plastic bottle in a shop. Did you know that it takes 7 litres of water to make one plastic bottle.


  • Instead of taking the car to work, do the school run or to go shopping, why not carpool or take public transport in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to help the environment? Better still, if you’re making a short journey either walk or hop on your bike to make the journey! That way you will be not only be going green this Earth Day, but also taking the opportunity to exercise.


  • Invest in an air purifying houseplant such as a rubber plant or a bamboo palm to cleanse the air instead of an expensive electric air purifier.


  • Have a vegetarian or meat-free day to go green this Earth Day. A number of carbon heavy processes, such as transport and refrigeration, are involved in the bringing meat to our shelves.

As you can see from the above, it is painless to go green this Earth Day. Involve your family in making just a few simple and easy tweaks to your daily lifestyle, and you will be in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment today and into the future.