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spring gardening tips

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Spring Gardening Tasks

Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to get to grips with some essential Spring gardening tasks. It is a time when days grow longer and warmer, so it is a busy month in the garden for both plants and gardeners alike. April is also traditionally a month when showers can also be expected. However, be prepared for dry and windy spells, which will require you to water your plants where necessary. Also keep vigil for frosty nights and continue to protect vulnerable plants and shrubs.

Despite the unpredictable weather, many of the most colourful flowers are in bloom this month, with bulbs putting on their finest display and fruit trees in blossom. MOLLY MAID, the housecleaning experts, recommend trying to do some of the following gardening tasks this April to help you to keep on top of things:

  • Start mowing the lawn at least once a week.
  • Ideal time to create new lawns using turf without a sprinkler.
  • Pull out as many weeds by the roots as possible now to avoid them reproducing during this growth period.
  • Deadhead spring-flowering bulbs such as, daffodils. Deadhead as soon as the flowers fade, leave foliage for a minimum of six weeks or until it yellows. During this time the daffodils carry all the nutrients down to the bulb.
  • Before evergreen hedges like yew and holly have a chance to get growing (and assuming the frosts have passed), prune to the desired height.
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses.
  • Feed and water houseplants more often now that they’re actively growing.
  • Stake tall perennials (delphiniums and sunflowers).
  • Plant new containers full of flowers and water well during dry periods.
  • Plant up summer baskets and grow undercover before positioning in late May.
  • Clear out ponds: take out planting baskets and fish (keep in buckets of old pond water), bail out the water, remove sludge and refill. Seek advice from your local aquarium.
  • Plant new pond plants using special pond baskets from garden centres.
  • If you’re looking to have a supply of vegetables this summer, sow tomatoes, runner beans, basil, green pepper, marrow, courgettes and sweetcorn in individual modules undercover for planting after the last of the frost.

Remember also that whilst undertaking these spring gardening tasks, you’re also giving your body a good work-out in the outdoors. Try to enjoy it. Good luck.