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Spring exercise: Put the spring back into your step!

Celebrate the first day of Spring with some ideas for exercising in the great outdoors. It’s the perfect time to mix up your fitness routine by taking some of your exercise outside and providing you with some variety.

After all, research over the years has demonstrating that exercising outdoors may improve energy levels and decrease stress to a greater extent than working out indoors. People rave about the overall positive effect on vitality and energy. Some of these positive side-effects can be put down to Vitamin D, which can be attained via sun exposure. The benefits of Vitamin D include helping to develop strong bones and an overall healthy immune system, so for now, it is all about Spring exercise!

You may think running in the park, or around a field, or along a track is a bit of a monotonous task, so why not try some of the following tips from the professional house cleaning experts, MOLLY MAID, to reinvigorate your exercise routine.

  • Music: Make sure you have comfortable running headphones so you can listen to some upbeat music while you’re running to help you set a pace.
  • Skipping rope: Take a skipping rope with you and set yourself three targets along your route at which point you complete a 1 minute worth of skipping, alternating between a single jump skip to a running skip or jumping jacks to mix it up a little.
  • Landmarks: Use landmarks to set yourself exercises – for example, every time you see a bench, use it to do some exercises with such as tricep dips, chest stretches or leg pulses for example (check out these park bench exercises). A small wall could be used to do step-ups (front and sideways). This way you are working other muscle groups as the same time as running and keeping your mind alert too.
  • Charity: If getting fit, remaining alert and healthy isn’t motivational enough for you, try running for a cause which has an end goal. There are various sports events and running races that are held every year, which allow you to run for charity or a cause. This helps to make Spring exercise fun and held as a team event you can spur each other on. Check out the various races available from muddy races to colourful ones!
  • Biking: If running isn’t appealing, or for some reason you are not able to, try getting outdoors this Spring with your bike. Whether it is road biking or mountain biking, getting your legs and heart moving will awaken your senses and can be a tremendous family activity.
  • Sailing or rowing: if you are a fan of the water is a good alternative for Spring exercise. Rowing is an effective way of burning calories and can be done individually or training as a team, which helps with the motivation.
  • Rock Climbing: Whilst you can’t afford to be scared of heights, there are significant benefits in becoming involved with your local climbing club. Despite its image as an athletic sport, you don’t need to be super-fit to rock climb. Good technique is more important than physical strength, although the more you climb the stronger and fitter you will become. Good footwork, body positioning and problem solving will get you up many more climbs than just brute strength and what’s more, you’re using several muscle groups!

So, seize the opportunity and get out for some spring exercise!