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Host a night at the Oscars party!

If you’ve ever felt like you needed an excuse to throw a dinner party, there is none more credible than celebrating the annual Academy Awards – The Oscars. Whilst the movie starts gather together, why not take the opportunity to gather together a few of your own favourite friends.

The professional domestic cleaning company, MOLLY MAID have put together a few ideas of how you can transform your home into a glittering red carpet evening for your very own Oscars party.

Don’t forget the invitations!

Even if you’ve left it too late to send out printed invitations, there are plenty of worthy alternatives online – some even feature the coveted Oscar silhouette. For the more creative, chose a favourite film of yours (Oscar nominated of course) and determine an appropriate theme, or if it is easier, a colour which relates to the film. The more retro the better. You could ask your guests to come as a character who features in the film. It’s an excellent way of getting into the Oscar party spirit and a great conversation piece.

Selfie booth

To replicate the cameras and the celebrity paparazzi, after your dressed-up guests arrive, escort them to your very own selfie booth or corner and decorate this area. Whilst they are snapping away, hand them a glass of fizz.

Music maestro

Create a mix of music based on the various soundtracks of Oscar-nominated films, past and present, to play when guests arrive.

Five-star snacks

What’s an Oscar party without a few fancy finger foods? Keep your guests happy and full by filling them up with tasty Hors d ’Oeuvres like bacon-wrapped dates, celery stuffed with goat cheese and you can’t forget about the movie staple snack: popcorn! Having concession stand-style candies and popcorn is a nice touch, especially with popcorn boxes or bags for the guests to make their own assortment.

Dazzling drinks

The Oscars only come once a year, so why not celebrate the 87th annual Academy Awards with movie-themed mixed drinks? Your guests will be buzzing (and maybe a little buzzed) with your creative cocktails like these drink ideas from Self Magazine.


Keep the night interesting with a betting pool. Encourage guests to chip in £1 to £10 when they arrive, have ballots ready for guests to pick winners, collect the ballots prior to the first award being given, and at the end of the evening determine who gets cash (most wins, most losses).

Have a low-key competition on who delivers the best Oscar acceptance speech and present them with a themed prize.

Decadent desserts

Your friends might have a keen eye for films, but do they have a sweet tooth, too? If so, satisfy their sugary cravings by serving up Oscar-themed cookies, tarts or macaroons. Let your creative juices flow.

Delightful décor

Snazzy decorations will elevate your Oscar party to an elite status. A red carpet (whether felt or carpet) is a must naturally. Jazz up your home with gold star garlands, an Oscar banner, a gold Oscar silhouette on the front door and filmstrip party accessories. Why not create your own Hollywood Walk of Fame with the names of your guests as stars.

So, here’s to a fabulous and fun evening of frivolity. Good luck.