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Top 5 tips to reducing your energy bills

Making a pledge to reducing your energy bills does not have to be difficult and there are several great reasons why you should make an effort to cut down on your energy usage at home. Firstly, using less gas and electricity helps to reduce the level of harmful CO2 produced, and secondly, it has the added benefit of helping you to cut down the costs of your utility bills.

The domestic house cleaning specialists at MOLLY MAID suggest that there are a few simple ways to reducing your utility costs and what better time to do it than at the beginning of the year.

The right energy tariff for you!
First and foremost, check that you are on the most efficient tariff for your needs. Try which will provide you with tariff comparisons in your area according to your postcode.

Heating & Hot Water
Turn down your hot water temperature for use in the home to 60 degrees Celsius and ensure your heating only comes on when you are in the home and is set to 21 degrees Celsius or less. You’ll be amazed how you will cut down your energy consumption by reducing temperatures by 1 degree.

Draught proof doors and windows with self-adhesive strips and draught excluders to stop heat from escaping. Think about lining your curtains with thermal lining to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Turn-off all appliances, rather than on standby when not in use such as TVs, Radios, CD Players in order to reduce your energy bills. Remember not to leave mobile phones and laptops on charge overnight as this is unnecessary usage.

Replace ‘normal’ light bulbs with energy saving ones to help reduce your energy bills and encourage your family to get into the habit of switching off lights around the home. Consider using solar lighting in the garden rather than battery operated lighting.

Most of us aspire to a greener lifestyle, but sometimes we need a little push in the right direction. What better incentive than the prospect of saving some money and reducing your energy bills?