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Create a romantic valentine’s day getaway at home

Time often has a habit of creeping up on us and sadly, it is sometimes our loved ones that end up losing out. With Valentine’s Day only two days away it is more than likely that you have left it too late to plan your Valentine’s Day or week-end getaway.

However, the professional domestic cleaning experts, MOLLY MAID, believe that not all is lost. In fact, you may be able to completely redeem yourself by transforming your own home into the most romantic getaway of all. The effort and creativity involved in doing so, will often say much more than simply having booked your romantic getaway online or via the telephone.

Why not try to transform your home, or a dedicated room, into a romantically captivating Valentine’s Bed and Breakfast? First follow the below tips:

Outsource children and pets!

For a true romantic getaway experience where you and your other half actually have time for each other, make sure that you have organised childcare and that the pets are out of the home. The romantic getaway at home serves to transport you out of your daily routine and into a relaxed state where you focus on you for a change!

No cooking allowed!

To set the right tone for the week-end, make a reservation at a local bistro and ensure that you make the time to dress up as if you were going out for dinner when you were away. No cooking at home is allowed, so put those cooking utensils down!


If your room is overrun by toys, electronics, and piles of laundry, it most certainly won’t feel like a bed-and-breakfast! So, at the end of the day, before your partner comes home, take a big box or laundry basket and gather up all the stray clutter and hide it. Your room will feel clean and ready to unwind in at the end of a long day!


Part of the attraction of going away is that your room is a clean, tidy oasis of tranquility. So, ensure that you dust, vacuum and change the bed linen and smooth down the bed cover – this will go a long way to making things feel more like a B&B.

Bed Linen

Why is it that hotel and B&B bed linen always feels more luxurious, soft and fluffy than at home? It all comes down to quality. Why not invest in a decent set of quality bed linen (the higher the thread count the better) and keep them for those more special occasions.

Create tranquility

A perfectly romantic B&B ambiance requires peace and relaxation. Lots of fabric and rugs will make you feel like you can settle in for a peaceful night. Think about the ‘technology’ you might have in your room and consider ousting it for the week-end. TVs and electronic devices that emit blue light, often serve as distractions, and should also be banned temporarily. Decorating your room with a lovely bunch of flowers will add a ‘special’ feel whilst candles and room fragrances will create an instant ‘tranquil’ state, which will indulge your senses. Don’t forget the champagne on ice too!

Breakfast in Bed

If you are planning a special ‘B&B night’ with your loved one, you could pre-prepare a breakfast tray with some croissants or muffins (in a tin) and big coffee mugs on a tray, and bring your kettle, coffee or tea pot so you’ll wake up to the smell of coffee wafting through the air! Just like a B&B!

Organise an outing!

Following on in the same vein of stepping away from the usual routine, as mentioned previously, organise a trip out for the day – when was the last time you went to a gallery, to a museum, to a theatre? Remember this is YOUR time!

So as you can see, it is never too late to organise a romantic Valentine’s getaway at home and what’s more, it can prove to be good value too!