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Restore the shine! How to clean aluminium

Stainless steel and aluminium appliances have become a very popular look in today’s kitchen. They offer a clean and professional look to even a small kitchen, however, cleaning aluminium or stainless steel can be a bit of a challenge. Since it is a delicate material, cleaning it incorrectly results in scratches, so you have to handle it with care.

The domestic cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID, suggest that you try the following to shine away any marks, fingerprints or smudges. Please though, as with any delicate surface, carry out a test patch in an inconspicuous spot first. Also, never be tempted to use ‘Scratch resistant’ or ‘Non–Scratch’ steel wool or scourers for example as they will still be too harsh for the surface.

Here’s how to clean aluminium appliances:

  1. Remove grime, fingerprints, food and grease from the surface first. Do this with a clean cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth) and a little washing up liquid or white vinegar on the cloth itself. This should dissolve the dirt.
  2. Once the grime is removed, it’s time to polish them. Olive oil and baby oil can both be used to polish stainless steel or aluminium appliances. Simply dampen a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the appliance. You will start by seeing a few streaks, but the more you rub in the direction of the grain, the shinier it will become. It is really important to buff away any excess oil (if using oil) as this will prevent the appliance from shining its best and will also result in dust particles sticking to the residue making it look grimy once again.

So bring back the sparkle to your aluminium appliances and make them look like new!