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Shake up your wake up: It’s breakfast week!

We have all been told since we were little children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it literally means ‘breaking the fast’ from your last meal in the evening to your first meal of the day. Research has shown that it is, in fact, important as it kicks starts your day. Also, those who eat breakfast tend to have more balanced diets and are less likely to be overweight. A healthy breakfast provides essential goodness or ‘nutrients’ that the body needs such as fibre, vitamins and iron.

MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning professionals, believe that it’s crucial to set a good example to our children, and to future generations in all matters that relate to domestic home life. With Breakfast Week being the buzz word this week, why not take the opportunity to introduce your children (if they are old enough) to the concept of preparing breakfast for the family once-a-week as a great way of lending a hand to the family at the busiest and often, the most stressful time of day.

So, rise and shine – preparing breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated – a healthy shake can suffice if packed with the right ingredients (and there is no danger of getting burned!), or even some cereal packed with fruit is all it might take. Week-ends are an ideal time to prepare a more adventurous meal, but do encourage children to get involved in making breakfast for the family once a week as it will help them to understand the importance of eating such a vital meal. Like the sound of banana and honey breakfast loaf, or raspberry porridge, or crunch fruit layer? For even more enticing kid-friendly recipes, visit