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Give yourself some attention! New Year, New Me

Many of us are so busy looking after our families whilst we juggle work and home life that we forget to take care of ourselves! We are often the last person we consider on our own mental check list, but looking after ourselves better enables us to remain well enough to take better care of the other important people in our lives. MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaning experts, firmly believe that by paying ourselves the due attention we deserve, will result in a happier, healthier and more positive frame of mind. So, why not make this year’s New Year’s resolution all about ‘New Year, New Me?’

Once you’ve determined that this is the way to go, you will ask yourself ‘how do I go about this with such a busy lifestyle?’. How about trying a few of these simple steps, perhaps, once a week and then build up from there.

  • Book yourself in for a ‘health check’ at your nearest Health Clinic. This is a good habit to get into on an annual basis and you will be doing your family a favour by keeping on top of your health. Consider blood and cholesterol test, thyroid tests, cancer screenings and blood.
  • Make a list of what you would ultimately like to achieve in the next 6 months and the reasons behind it. This will allow you to focus on yourself and help to motivate to achieve these.
  • Book yourself in for a massage, pedicure or even a hair appointment on a regular basis so that you have something just for you to look forward to when the going gets tough. After all, it is all about New Year, New You!
  • Encourage your other half to do the washing-up once a week with the children whilst you disappear for a much needed relaxing bath with no interruptions. Remember to light some candles as the flicker of candles helps us to reach a calmer state.
  • Try to put the children to bed five minutes earlier, so that you can treat yourself to a peaceful cup of tea to help you relax before your partner comes home from work.
  • Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and treat yourself to time with a good book to help you drift off. Having a restful nights’ sleep makes a world of difference.
  • If a friend offers to have the children for a play date, or offers to pick them up from school, allow them to do so. You can always return the favour. Use this to have some time to yourself or to go for a brisk walk.
  • Try starting a new hobby (preferably outside the home) as this will encourage you to leave the house for classes and you can be ‘you’ for the time you are away rather than being Mum/ Dad, Wife/partner and so on. This is your time, so make the most of embracing yourself! Good luck.