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Pumpkin party

If you’re new to your area or just want to have a fun time with families that live on your street, plan a (last-minute) Pumpkin Party this weekend. Here’s a quick guide from the professional cleaning experts, MOLLY MAID:

  1. Plan to hold the Pumpkin Party in your drive – on Saturday afternoon. Hand deliver invitations to your neighbours.
  2. Invite everyone to bring their own pumpkins; you provide carving kits as well as paint, markers, glitter, paper and anything else they need to decorate their pumpkins. (But leave the actual carving up to the adults).
  3. Invite everyone to wear costumes (for a trial run) including the adults.
  4. Create some atmosphere with candles, decorations and spooky music.
  5. Purchase a witch’s brew cauldron (or make one in an old planter). Line it with cling film or other clean liner and fill it with popcorn.
  6. Hang spider webs and fake spiders in shrubs or trees in the garden or drive.
  7. Take pictures of everyone with their pumpkin – so they can post it on their Facebook page.
  8. Serve simple food that everyone loves such as hotdogs, hamburgers and refreshments such as warm cider or mulled wine for the adults.
  9. Award prizes for ‘Favourite Pumpkin’, ‘Scariest Pumpkin’ and ‘Happiest Pumpkin’.
  10. Buy glow sticks and flashlights for party favours. Hand them out at the end of the party as the kids leave to trick-or-treat.