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Spiders: Reasons to love ‘em

Despite the fact that removing cobwebs can almost seem like a daily cleaning task at this time of year, MOLLY MAID suggest that there are a few useful reasons why we should learn to embrace them too!

  • First and foremost, spiders don’t want to bite you.
  • They want to eat other bugs – so they help with pest control in the home. They help keep the home and garden free from insects and bugs such as earwigs, roaches, flies, mosquitoes and other spiders.
  • They are beneficial to the planet in that they prevent insects from being dominant and destructive.
  • Spiders are food themselves for birds, reptiles and small mammals, and other spiders.
  • Some spider venom is used in the field of medicine.
  • Synthesised spider silk is used in parachutes and bullet-proof vests.
  • Spiders are generally a sign of good luck in many different cultures.