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Autumn In: 12 fun weekend activities for the family

We’ve collected 12 of our favourite weekend activities to help your family make most the crisp days and chilly nights:

  1. Rake leaves… and jump into a huge pile!
  2. Visit a farmer’s market in the country.
  3. Pick apples at an orchard. Later, make apple crisp together and enjoy it with ice cream.
  4. Get a head-start on a homemade Halloween costume. What do you want to be? A zombie, batman, a wicked witch?
  5. Shop for a new autumn jacket or sweater. Clean cupboards and donate gently-used clothing to a local charity.
  6. Go for a nature walk in a local conservation area. Take a picnic.
  7. Collect pine cones – and paint them.
  8. Decorate a pumpkin.
  9. Roast pumpkin seeds.
  10. On a blustery cold autumn day, make a big pot of chili. Eat it and watch a favourite movie together.
  11. Visit a local maze at a historic house… and get a little lost together.
  12. Plant bulbs for spring.