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5 ways to keep fit and healthy this autumn

Don’t worry if your summer fitness plans didn’t work out. Autumn is actually a great time to start a new fitness routine and introduce healthy habits that stick. Christmas is far enough away and so autumn gives you a few months’ head start for making healthy choices, and committing do doing them regularly until they turn into habits just in time for the winter months.

MOLLY MAID, the domestic cleaning experts, have five top suggestions to help you keep fit and healthy this autumn:

  1. Introduce a new routine
Temperatures from the summer will be dropping off so take advantage of the cooler days and try outdoor workouts like walking, running or cycling. Autumn is perfect for these activities; the air is crisp, leaves are crunching under your feet and the scenery is stunning.
  1. Eat seasonally
Fruit and vegetables are in abundance during autumn. Celery, a great healthy snack, is in season; as well as other vitamin-packed vegetables and fruits such as pumpkins, turnips, a variety of mushrooms and berries. Some vegetables even tend to taste better this season, like cabbage and figs, as colder temperature makes them sweeter. Carrots also have a more robust flavour in autumn than in other seasons..
  1. Join a class
Try something different and take an unusual, fun class that requires you to move and be physically active. Fitness doesn’t always have to mean serious workouts at the gym. Autumn is a great time to join a class as many will start in conjunction with the kids going back to school. Keep a look at for leaflets in your local area advertising yoga, pilates, circuits and kick-boxing classes. For the dancers, try tap, hip-hop or Zumba.
  1. Keep motivated with the help of technology
Take advantage of the latest fitness gadgets to assist you in staying on top of your fitness game. Of course it will always come down to your own will power but technology can really help you to stay motivated when you start to waver. Using pedometers, heart rate monitors, or mobile apps are a great way to increase the odds for success when colder mornings make the bed hard to leave!
  1. Avoid catching colds
Sometimes it’s just unavoidable but there are lots of good ways to try and prevent catching colds during autumn. Coming down with something will likely distract you from your healthy eating and workout routines and by the time you’ve recovered, your healthy habits might have been all but lost. Be prepared by always dressing appropriately. Have a light jacket ready for sudden cooler change in temperature or when the wind gets up.