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4 Ways to Clear Mind Clutter!


Sit comfortably on the ground or in a chair.  Close your eyes and breathe naturally. Focus on your breath and how your body moves with each inhale and exhale. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage and belly. Make no effort to control or manipulate your breath. If your mind begins to wander, simply return it back to your breath. Maintain this meditation practice for a few minutes to start; then try it for longer periods.


Go for a five or ten minute walk every day. Don’t walk too fast. You want to maintain a pace that is comfortable for you. Walking provides many of the same benefits of deep breathing, along with the benefits of exercising your muscles. Movement can often help burn off nervous energy or anxiety.


Physical clutter often leads to mental clutter. Decluttering your home is a wonderful way to declutter your mind too. Grab a rubbish bag and start cleaning up an area of your home that needs some attention. For a lighter, regular clean-up, ensure you put items back where they belong once you have finished using them. Remember, physical clutter sends a message to the mind that something needs to be done; remove that physical clutter and relax the mind!


Concentrate on one enjoyable task. Put on your favourite album or song and listen to it through headphones. If you enjoy puzzles, do a crossword or a Sudoku puzzle. For those avid readers, curl up on your sofa and read a good book. If you are dying to try something new, sign up for a painting or sculpting class for example.