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Change your Life by Making Your Bed

Making your bed is something you should do every morning. Here’s how making your bed can impact your life:

It starts the day off properly: Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment, giving you an instant feeling of success. You feel more organised and ready to take on the day.

It makes you happy: According to a survey conducted by, 71 percent of bed makers consider themselves happy, while 62 percent of non-bed makers admit to being unhappy. People who make their beds are also more likely to enjoy their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly and feel well rested. People, who do not make their beds on a regular basis, don’t like their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym and wake up tired!

It’s a great habit and gets your family into a cleaning routine: Once you get in the habit of making your bed, you’ll crave a little more organisation in your life. Plus, the rest of your family may even pick up on your habit too!

It sets you up for a better sleep: If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel, you can appreciate the nice feeling you get when you enter the room and it’s tidy. It’s always satisfying climbing into a perfectly made bed. You can even recreate this mood and setting in your own home! A survey conducted by the Sleep Foundation, found that those who make their beds every day or almost every day, are more likely to get a good night’s sleep, than those who don’t make their beds.

It lowers stress:  Making your bed is a great first step to decluttering your space. The less cluttered your home is, the lower your stress levels are. A tidy space is also very calming.