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Is your Kitchen Stressing you out? MOLLY MAID can help!

If anything has to run smoothly in a home, it’s the kitchen. The domestic cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID suggest these easy solutions to help you alleviate your kitchen stress:

Is your coffee maker running slowly?
This problem can easily be solved by filling the entire water chamber of your coffee machine with equal parts white vinegar and water. To begin the cleaning process, start a brew cycle. Midway through the brew cycle, turn off your coffee maker and let the mixture sit for approximately one hour. Restart the brew cycle once the hour has passed. After the cycle has finished, pour out the solution and fill your coffee machine with cold clean water. Run another brew cycle to ensure that the water and vinegar solution is thoroughly rinsed out.

Does your dog spill his food all over the floor?
Not to worry! Simply put a place mat under your dog’s food bowl. This will help collect any lose bits of food your dog may leave behind. Leave a dustpan nearby, so you can easily clean up after your dog has finished eating.

Is your cutlery drawer a mess?
This common dilemma can easily be solved by going through your cutlery drawer and removing the items that don’t belong. Using a drawer insert is a great way to help keep different utensils in one place.

Is the top of your fridge dusty and hard to clean?
Not to worry! Create a long-armed duster to dust the top of the fridge by tying a dry microfibre cloth to a long pole. Next, remove the dry microfibre cloth and replace it with a damp microfibre cloth, soaked in clean, soapy water. Make sure you dry the top of your fridge with another dry microfibre cloth once you have finished cleaning it.

Can’t find anything under your sink?
Start by removing everything from under your sink and lay each item out on the ground in front of you. Discard any empty or expired products. Wipe up any stains or spills at the bottom of your cupboard with a disinfecting spray. If the rubbish bin lives underneath the sink, thoroughly disinfect this too. Dry the inside of your cupboard with a microfibre cloth. Place a shelf liner at the bottom of the cupboard for added protection. Next, place the products back into the cupboard, putting products you use frequently in the front and consider stowing them in a small plastic basket or hamper for ease.

Old food smells in your fridge getting you down?
Start by going through your fridge and removing any expired food or drinks. The best time to tackle this cleaning project is just before you go shopping -when the food in your fridge is low. Take a damp microfibre cloth, soaked with natural soap and hot water and wipe up any spills inside your fridge. Make sure you clean inside your fridge drawers and dry them thoroughly. Replace any items that you may have taken out once the fridge has been cleaned.