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5 Tips to stay healthy this Summer

Summertime tends to be a busy time of year and you may find yourself burning the candle at both ends with looking after the family and working. It is important to consciously look after your body at this time so MOLLY MAID, the profession house cleaning professions, suggest that you follow the below suggestions to keep in ‘tip top’ form.

  • Drink Water

You’ve heard it a million times before, but it is important to keep well hydrated, especially during the warm summer months. If drinking water is losing its appeal, why not try some ‘infused water ideas’ (link to previous article)?

This is especially important when Pimms o’clock rolls round. Alcohol is dehydrating – it acts on the kidneys to inhibit a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), and is the reason why you need to go to the toilet so frequently when you drink. Don’t wait until you are thirsty as this may be a sign that your body is already dehydrated and can impact on many aspects of your health, most noticeably your energy levels. Low energy equals total summer downer!

  • Eat Seasonally

Seasonal, local produce is grown, picked and eaten at its peak and therefore contains optimal levels of health-boosting vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This is in contrast to produce that has been picked before ripening, air-freighted halfway around the world, and then sat in storage (sometimes for months) before eventually making it to the supermarket shelves.

There’s plenty of amazing fruit and vegetables in season in the UK this summer, such as broad beans, corn, peas, figs, beetroot, courgettes, strawberries, cherries and blackberries, to name a few.

  • Keep Active

There is no better time than summer to pull on the trainers, get outside and get active and it doesn’t have to be the kind that leaves you exhausted or sweaty!

A brisk walk in the park, a family cycle, or a gentle swim will elevate your heart rate and boost your circulation. Not only is it fantastic for your physical health, regular exercise can also boost the production of feel-good endorphins, and has been proven to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, help relieve depression, and improve sleep.

  • Get some sunshine

It’s thought that 1 in 5 adults in the UK population may be low in Vitamin D. Why does this matter? ‘Vitamin D has known roles in immunity, bone, skin and muscle health, blood pressure regulation, and memory. Vitamin D deficiency has also been closely linked to several mental health conditions including depression,’ says Dr Jones.

The best way to get Vitamin D is through exposing the bare skin to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, so take advantage of those sunny days. ‘You don’t need to burn or tan you skin to get Vitamin D, just ensure you get at least 10 minutes of sun on the hands, face and arms 2-3 times a week (without sunscreen).’ Just make sure you take the usual skin precautions and wear the right SPF for your skin type.

Sun gone into hiding? No problem – just snack on a red pepper instead! ‘There is some evidence to suggest that foods rich in the powerful carotenoid lycopene, which has skin-protective properties, may provide an extra tool in sun protection. Lycopene is found primarily in tomatoes and tomato based products such as juice and puree, as well as red peppers, watermelon and papaya.’ Sweet!