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Invite Someone Over Today – and Clean Up!

Many people say they often get more cleaning done in 10 minutes if a friend or family member is coming over to visit. This is probably true for most people.

So why not put this theory to the test? Invite a friend over for a meal or even a cup of tea and use MOLLY MAID’s 10-minute Clean-Up Guide to get your home in pristine condition:

  1. Get rid of clutter:  Walk through your kitchen, dining room, the guest bathroom or the room you will be using to entertain your guests, with a laundry basket and pick up anything that shouldn’t be there (newspapers, books, clothing, shoes, toys, dishes, etc.) When you’re finished, hide the basket in another room or cupboard.
  2. Dust:  Use a slightly damp microfibre cloth to dust all surfaces and furniture in these rooms. Check the skirting boards too.
  3. Kitchen clean: Cut up a lemon or orange and place it in a saucepan with water and simmer. This will give your home a fresh fragrance. Put away any food items that are out of place. Place any dirty crockery into your dishwasher. Wipe the surfaces and the hob. Quickly clean your sink with soap and water and dry the sink basins out with a microfibre cloth. Pick up any visible particles of food on the floor as well.
  4. Dining room:  Open the window. Lay the table with tea cups and a plate of biscuits or cake for afternoon tea, or lay the table if you are serving a meal. Place a decorative plant or bouquet of flowers on the table if you have any on display in your home.
  5. Bathroom: Quickly clean the taps, sink, and toilet. You want to make sure all surfaces are nicely polished and that the bathroom smells clean and fresh. Close the shower curtain. Put out clean hand towels. Clean the mirror. Take out the rubbish if necessary.
  6. Hallway: As you wait for your friend, put away or organise your shoes, coats, and anything else that may need a quick tidy in the hallway. If you have a mirror in your hallway, be sure to clean it as well.

Congratulations! You have succeeded!