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Prepare your home for summer

Days are growing longer and it won’t be long before those long warm summer evenings where you can sit in the garden until 10 o’clock, but give your home a little TLC with these simple ideas to prepare your home for the summer months.

Change your central heating timer

There is not so much need for the radiators anymore so turn them off! You will be amazed at how much your energy bills will reduce in the summer months.

Make room for ice cream!

This is a good time to clean out and defrost your Fridge and Freezer. We’ve all got those elusive Tupperware pots lurking in the bottom of the freezer with something in it that was probably once delicious!! Time to clear out and restock.

Organise the Garage

The time has come to put away the salt, the antifreeze and dust down the lawnmower and paddling pool. A bit of simple organisation will mean you are not clambering over the winter tackle to get to things. The garage can often become neglected and outlaying a small amount of money to buy shelving will mean it is much easier to keep the garage organised. Using nails to hang gardening tools on the wall is another great space saver.

Bring the outside in

Open the windows and air your rooms. They have been stifled by central heating for months. You can dramatically change the feel of a room by putting away the blankets and heavy fabrics. Replace them with lighter fabrics and fresh flowers. Some light and fun bunting will give your garden or conservatory a light feel.

Sort out the wardrobe

Pack away any winter clothing and break out the summer frocks! There is nothing worse than a cluttered wardrobe and sorting your items in this way will mean you can actually see what you have. Its great getting things out again after 6 months as you rediscover things you may have forgotten you had! It’s also a good time to wash and dry your winter duvet and pack it away. Vacuum storage bags are great for this and will save you a lot of space.

Make a start in the Garden

Even if you’re not particularly green fingered, a simple tidy of the garden and cutting the grass will make your outside space more appealing. It doesn’t take much to put a few flowers in a pot and this will quickly brighten any patio or decking area. Try to see the garden as another room in your house and give it the same care as you would inside. Clean any patios or decking and get the garden furniture out.

A few simple ideas to make your home ready for Summer by the professional domestic cleaners, MOLLY MAID.