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Family Ties

Volunteering Makes It Work

Spring is a wonderful time to lend a hand – and make it count for your family and the organisation you are helping.

The biggest reason people donate their time and skills is to contribute to their communities.

But there are lots of personal rewards too.

Volunteers learn new skills (raking leaves, making soup, helping someone to learn a sport, etc.). They inspire others, especially younger family members, and the activity often leads to new interests in life. Volunteering provides a way to meet people outside of usual circles, and volunteers report they have fun, feel fulfilled, and experience less stress.

Volunteering as a family is beneficial as it is also a great way to unplug from the daily household chaos and spend quality time together. Many organisations that benefit from volunteerism plan family-friendly activities.

Here are ways to get involved in a volunteer activity.

  • Approach a food bank.
  • Talk to the HR department of the company where you work to see if there are volunteer activities coming up.
  • Visit a local church or school to see if there are activities that require volunteers.
  • Do an online search of charity organisations and their needs.
  • Offer to help a neighbour who might need help with Spring chores (their garage or home) or walking their dog.