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Molly Maid – A Salute to Eggs

It’s Easter Weekend… and the perfect time to put the spotlighton eggs!

ON THE MENU:  There are so many ways toeat eggs… eggy bread, hot crossed buns, eggs Benedict! Forsomething a little different, add chopped avocado to the choppedegg filling of your favourite Russian eggs recipe. Delicious.

IN THE GARDEN: Eggshells add calcium to soil -and that’s a good thing. Toss shells onto the compost pile or intothe barrel and turn them under (they decompose quickly so don’tworry about mashing them up.) Alternately, add crumbled eggshellinto the bottoms of planting holes in the Spring.

A CLEAN EGG: Egg whites’ thick and sticky baseis a great cleaner when it comes to removing dirt from leatherproducts such as shoes and purses. Gently scrub a little egg whiteinto the dirty leather, and wipe off with a damp cloth. The eggwill form a protective base on the leather, and make it shine. (Forleather furniture, follow manufacturers cleaning directions.)

A NATURAL BEAUTY: Raw eggs make a greatmoisturizer for normal hair. Whisk together the yolk and white.Apply about ½ cup to clean damp hair. Distribute evenly and leaveon for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water, and shampoo as usual.

REMOVING EGG STAINS:  Scrape off excessegg from clothes or fabric with a spatula or flat-bladedknife.  Soak the fabric in cold water and detergent for atleast 30 minutes or overnight. Wash, as usual, in cold or warmwater.  If any stain remains, soak and wash the fabricagain.

THE EASTER EGGS STORY reports that the earliest Easter eggs were hen orduck eggs decorated at home in bright colours with vegetable dyeand charcoal. Chocolate Easter eggs were first made in Europe inthe early 19th century. Today, Easter eggs come in many sizes andstyles… from cream-filled eggs to hollow and everything inbetween!