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Tackling common nasty household odours

No matter how much of a clean freak you tend to be, the stenchesand odours of everyday life are unavoidable. But don’t let that getyou down – here are some tips from MOLLY MAID, the domesticcleaning experts, to help with easy, homemade ways to dispel stinkfrom every area in your home.

1. Stinky rubbish

Wash indoor and outdoor rubbish bins with hot soapy water toremove smelly bits and debris. Leave a couple of used fabricsoftener sheets in the bottom of your kitchen rubbish bin to absorbodours.

2. A burnt-on food spill

If food from a casserole dish bubbles over onto the stove oroven floor, sprinkle salt on the drips to absorb the burnt smell(this will also make it easier to clean up later).

3. A musty freezer

Place a clean sock filled with dry coffee grounds inside todeodorise this pesky spot in your kitchen.

4. A smelly microwave

The awful stench of burnt popcorn seems to hang around forever,but it eventually disperses. To speed up the process, fill a largemicrowave-safe bowl with 1 1/2 cups water and three or four choppedlemons along with a fragrant spice, like cloves. Bring to a boil inthe microwave, and then leave it to steam inside for 15 minutes(until the water cools down and can be removed safely). Leave thedoor ajar for an hour or so to air the microwave out.

5. A foul dishwasher

Check that the drain hose isn’t crimped, and look in the bottomof the machine for bits of food and gunk. Then, pour some householdvinegar in the bottom, let it sit for an hour or so, and run thewasher through a full cycle. If the odour is still strong, call aplumber. It could potentially be a hazardous problem that needs tobe remedied by a pro.

6. Rancid wooden cutting boards andcounters

Scrub the wood with a mixture of lemon juice and bicarbonate ofsoda or salt. Rinse well and season with mineral oil.

7. A pungent kitchen

While cooking sharp-smelling items, like fish or cabbage, placea small bowl of white vinegar on the hob to absorb the odour. Tostop offensive fridge smells, pour bicarbonate of soda into aplastic margarine tub and poke holes in the lid; change as often asneeded. Wipe down fridge walls with white vinegar to get rid of anylingering smells.

8. The toilet

When this frequently used bathroom fixture needs deodorising,pour 1 cup of household vinegar into the bowl and let it stand forat least 5 minutes. Scrub briskly and flush.

9. Not-so-fresh bathroom air

Dab essential oil (cinnamon or orange) onto cotton balls, andplace them in a small bowl on a shelf. Put matches in a prettybasket near the toilet for handy use.

10. Dingy carpeting

To quickly deodorize a smelly rug, sprinkle a box of baking sodaover it, and let settle into the fibres for 30 minutes. Then,vacuum it up.

11. A musty mattress

Spray with a disinfectant to kill the bacteria that causesodours. In between cleanings, sprinkle some bicarbonate of sodaonto the mattress, wait 15 minutes, and vacuum.

12. A stale closet

Hanging clean socks filled with dry coffee grounds works here,too.