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Valentine’s Day: 6 Ways to get the Gift you really want

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While you can start planning a few themed activities for your family (baking special cupcakes or making Valentine’s Day cards), it’s also okay to drop a few hints about gifts that you wouldn’t mind for yourself. Of course, it’s not always about buying something either!

  • Help Around the House

Set up a family meeting to talk about all the good things that go on in the household. Create a Family Calendar (if you don’t have one already) and remind everyone that it shows doctor appointments, sports practices, after-school care and other outings. Finally, talk about helping to keep the house clean and tidy and get everyone to commit to one daily chore (making beds, taking the rubbish out, emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the floor). Put chores into the calendar too, say the professional house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID.

  • Home Cooked Meal

Ask everyone in the household to suggest a dinner or breakfast they’d like to eat – and make it! Then schedule these meals into the family calendar. Of course, if children are young you, your spouse or an older sibling might have to step in and help. Exploring new recipes and teaching your children to be self-sufficient is a great tool for them to know later in life.

  • House Cleaning

Decide together to hire a domestic cleaning service that provides detailed, personalised cleaning, such as MOLLY MAID. An initial meeting at home will provide the opportunity to highlight the extra-important areas and the way you like to have your home cleaned. This information will be kept on file, which means every clean will be perfectly customised to your needs!

  • Chocolate, Flowers or Dinner out Together

There’s nothing wrong with the more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts either! Have a casual chat about what you’d like. Provide a few ideas – so the gift is still a bit of a surprise.