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There’s no better time for some financial housekeeping

The professional domestic cleaners at MOLLY MAID see the New Year as an ideal chance to review all domestic matters and to get one’s house in order and set good practices.

There’s nothing like the start of a new year to prompt an urge to improve our finances, but all too often our best-laid plans fall apart. But the process of reviewing your money situation in 2014may help prime your mind for getting your finances on track in2015.

By disciplining yourself to review the following areas of expenditure, will ensure that you are both up-to-date with current deals, but also reassured that you are being as financially savvy as possible.

Pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Credit Cards/ loans- Do you have the best deal on the market for your circumstances? It is a fiercely competitive market place. Check cost comparison websites for example.
  • Utilities- Check that you are on the most appropriate ‘rate’ or ‘package’ and compare costs of other providers. You may find that a new player has come to the market since you signed up.
  • Insurance Policies- Avoid falling into the trap of simply ‘renewing’ your annual home, health or travel insurance and research whether you could achieve savings by switching providers. Armed with this information, approach your existing provider with the rates you have found and challenge them. They may well match these rates.
  • Motoring- Ensure that your policies relating to your vehicle are up-to-date and meet your and your family needs. Take some time to shop around.
  • Grocery shopping- for ideas on savvy ways to shop, please check our next blog from MOLLY MAID on 9thJanuary.

For more information on how best to achieve savings, log on to