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New Year’s cleaning resolutions

Whether you consider yourself an accomplished domestic goddess simultaneously juggling the challenges of daily life, or you find yourself consistently chasing your tail to keep up with home life, the introduction of some simple cleaning resolutions in 2016 will be sure to provide some help.

By making some very simple, yet realistic weekly cleaning resolutions for this year, MOLLY MAID, the domestic cleaning professionals, guarantee that you will notice that your overall ‘household cleaning’ load will seem lightened.

The secret to making these cleaning schedules manageable and realistic, is for you to be honest with yourself as to what can be achieved. Breaking the chores into manageable bite size chunks, does help to make it less daunting. You’ll soon find that 10 minutes of cleaning each day is easy to attain without even noticing it, but adds up to over an hour of cleaning each week! Once you’ve hit this milestone, you know you can stretch it to a more thorough clean once a month. Dust and dirt will keep on falling, but by keeping on top of your cleaning resolutions, you will begin to realise that coming back to a clean and tidy home is a refreshing and relaxing experience.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Decide which areas of the home are the hardest work and need the most attention. Depending on your family life (children, pets, working from home and so on) your needs will be different. However, the high traffic areas tend to be the kitchen, bathrooms and living areas.
  2. Try using a spreadsheet to list out duties. This way you can see at a glance when every area of the house is being given attention. If you prefer a more informal approach, just write a list of your cleaning resolutions on a piece of paper and remind yourself of them by sticking them on a visible place such as the fridge.
  3. The second secret is to use the MOLLY MAID system of cleaning. In everything you do, use the left-to-right and top-to-bottom system. This way you can keep a track of which areas have been cleaned. It is also the most time efficient.
  4. The third secret is to assign yourself nights off from vacuuming or mopping whilst still continuing to carry out your daily cleaning resolutions.
  5. Start with some daily cleaning resolutions and then build them up and before you know it, you will have completed a weekly clean. For instance:


  • Clear away dinner plates and do the washing-up that evening, rather than leave it to pile up to the morning.
  • Wipe down and clean the kitchen surfaces immediately after cooking and sweep if necessary.
  • On one evening during the week, vacuum and mop the kitchen floor when the family have gone to bed allowing it to dry overnight without incurring marks.


  • Whilst waiting for the shower to warm up or the bath to run (or indeed supervising children’s bath time), take the opportunity to clean the toilet and wash the hand basin. The mirror could also be done in a second! This way, you’ve practically cleaned the bathroom without really having to think about it. If you have the space, try storing bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom (out of reach of children) as this will make the task even easier.
  • After having a bath or shower, spray some bathroom cleaner in the bath or on shower tiles as well as the shower screen. Leave until you are just ready to finish in the bathroom and give everything a thorough wipe. Remember this doesn’t even need to be done on a daily basis!
  • Once a week, vacuum the floor to pick up hair and follow up by mopping the floor.

Living Areas

  • Regular tidying makes such a difference! Let’s face it, how long does it take to straighten cushions at the end of an evening and return items to their rightful home? Start with this.
  • Then one evening a week, whilst dinner is cooking and children are settling down to bed, dust the living room and bring order to the area
  • One evening a week (if daytime is not possible), vacuum the living areas. In fact, it is a good idea to assign one day in the week to just doing the vacuuming. You can then move around the home, starting in the bedrooms upstairs (if relevant) and work your way down without having to worry about mopping as this will be done on another day. Once you’re started, you’ll be amazed how speedily this can be done.

By starting with bite size, manageable cleaning resolutions that are applicable to your lifestyle this year, you will soon fall into a routine and into the habit of keeping on top of the housework and by doing so, you will feel so much more relaxed and less overwhelmed. Good luck from MOLLY MAID! Alternatively, you can always give your local MOLLY MAID a call for a helping hand.