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New Year’s Eve – 9 Ways to Make it Special for Your Family

    1. Decorate. Head to your favourite department or pound store and stock up on celebration paraphernalia such as party hats and party poppers, decorations and other celebratory items. Decorate the family room or living room.
    2. Dress Up.  Decide together that everyone in the family is going to dress up – and go all out.  And break out the glitter and get fancy in a fun way. Is there a vintage dress in the back of your cupboard? Have you got costume jewelry, feather boas, and tiaras you can pull out too?
    3. Great Food. Prepare a special meal – one your kids may have never tried. A fondue for example is fun and kids love dipping food into bubbling cheese, or for dessert, fruit into chocolate.
    4. Games Night. Make it a fancy games night with card and board games that everyone enjoys. Between games, serve snacks. And, plan a celebration at the end with prizes for winners.
    5. Dance Party. Set your living room up as a dance club with low lights or candles and a bare floor area where it’s safe and fun to dance. Create a playlist of dance tunes ahead of time. Entertain lavishly with lots of snacks and make one or two songs ‘spot dances’ with prizes.
    6. Midnight Around the World. If your children are young, it might not be possible to keep them awake for midnight. Create a New Year’s Eve celebration in another country -in another time zone. So midnight comes earlier!
    7. Skating Party. If the weather’s right and there’s an indoor or outdoor rink nearby, gather together friends and family for an hour or two on ice. Then everyone can head back to your home for hot chocolate, snacks, and champagne for the adults.
    8. Family Memories. Encourage everyone in the family to prepare a presentation of family memories (either a video, a montage of photographs or even a little speech) and take turns sharing it. In between, bring out some favourite snacks. At midnight, raise a glass of bubbly (champagne for the adults, ginger ale or other bubbly pop for the children) to the New Year.
    9. Last but not least, leave the clean-up for tomorrow. Having to clean up in the midst of a party can ruin not only the atmosphere, but also make the party less enjoyable for the host. Why not arrange for Professional Domestic Cleaners from MOLLY MAID to wave their magic wand and start the New Year as you mean to continue.